IMS, ADL and MIT agree to work together
Oleg Liber
July 12, 2001

On July 11, 2001 - Leaders of the MIT's Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI), the Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Lab (ADL), and the IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS) issued a joint press release announcing their intention to cooperate to "close the gap between innovative pedagogical technology and production learning resources."

This is good news for Higher and Further Education, since some had been concerned that IMS specifications were more oriented towards the needs of the training world than the education world. Indeed, MIT's Open Knowledge Initiative can be seen as a critique of current Learning Managament systems, since it sets out to provide a framework to promote and support the integration of Open Source learning tools for Higher Education, which commercial systems clearly have not yet fully managed to do. This announcement clearly restates IMS' commitment to the HE sector; IMS was in fact originally launched as a universities' initiative by Educom.

The full press release can be found by following this link