Macromedia releases eLearning Studio with support for LT standards
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
August 12, 2001

Macromedia, creators of popular web content creation tools Dreamweaver and Flash, today announced the release of eLearning Studio. The new package combines version 6 of learning content creation tool Authorware with Dreamweaver 4 and Flash 5, and claims support for ADL, AICC and IMS standards.

Authorware now includes AICC-compliant data tracking and IMS content metadata, with extended XML support. Existing extensions for Dreamweaver also provide IMS-compliant content packaging. The new AICC compliant tracking features were welcomed by United Airlines' Will Schart: "The airline industry has long been the driving force behind the tracking standards for courseware and, with the support in Authorware 6, we can spend our time creating great content that we know will work flawlessly with our management systems."

In addition to the new version of Authorware, which is specifically billed as an eLearning content creation tool, Macromedia have added "learning-specific functionality" to their range of web content creation tools, and the combined package is aimed at delivering a comprehensive platform for developing online courseware.

Macromedia eLearning Studio will be available in September 2001 for the Windows platform only.