Blackboard and Datatel announce integrated online campus solution
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
August 15, 2001

Blackboard and Datatel have announced that they are developing a unified solution for online campus environments, bringing together learning systems and administrative systems such as student information and financial systems.

The solution integrates the Blackboard 5 learning infrastructure solution with Datatel’s Colleague information management solution for higher education. In practice this means that Blackboard 5 will be able to access to information about students entered in Datatel’s Colleague, and assessment information collected in Blackboard will flow into Colleague. This allows institutions to integrate online course and administrative systems, and develop new interfaces between a wider range of Datatel and Blackboard products; it also enables institutions to create a standard student interface for the entire campus.

According to Blackboard’s Michael Stanton, the integration of the two systems is an application of the IMS Enterprise specification, with Blackboard-Datatel interoperability an example of how the standard enables Course and Learning Management systems interface/integrate with ERP systems such as Student Information Systems:

“Blackboard’s integration efforts will continue to grow and mature for both close partners such as Datatel as well as other vendors who choose to use and adopt the open specifications such as the IMS Enterprise Specification.”

“Blackboard will offer close interoperability with Datatel, but for customers desire to use open specifications; Blackboard is heavily involved in those as well. Blackboard’s leading e-Education platform, Blackboard 5, currently integrates with a number of leading Student Information Systems, we anticipate that this number will continue to grow and mature.”

For more information, visit the Blackboard and Datatel websites.