CeLT announces new content packaging tool
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
August 16, 2001

The Centre For Learning Technology (CeLT) announced this week that they will release PackageIt!, a new IMS-compliant content packaging tool in the coming months.

The application, which supports IMS Content Packaging 1.1 and IMS Metadata 1.1 standards, is a standalone product that allows users to create content packages containing both locally stored files and Internet hyperlinks. Each file or hyperlink can be given its own metadata, and the complete package saved as a Zip file with an IMS content manifest XML file.

PackageIt! is written in Java, and will be available later in the year for all platforms that support Java version 1.3.

For more information, visit CeLTís PackageIt! website: http://celt.bangor.ac.uk/packageit