CanCore strip down IMS metadata specification for easier implementation
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
August 27, 2001

In a speech by Norm Friesen at the IMS e-Learning Specifications and Standards Symposium, CanCore outlined their stripped-down version of the IMS metadata specification.

The specification, while fully compliant with the IMS standard, provides a narrower set of elements to assist implementation. According to Friesen, the CanCore specification takes a middle-ground approach between the minimalism of the 15-element Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) and the structural approach of IMS with over 70 elements.

To produce CanCore, 36 elements were taken from IMS, and a set of guidelines written for the purpose and use of each element. By simplifying the element set, and providing guidelines and assistance, the CanCore group hopes to save time for developers and projects wanting to adopt the metadata standard. According to Friesen, the IMS element set is not suited to direct implementation: “Compliance with all 80 elements [of the IMS metadata specification] is often not taken up by vendors because of the huge job of classification it creates.”

CanCore hope to provide the same streamlining and assistance approach to Content Packaging and Digital Repositories in the future, and are also promoting the use of CanCore outside Canada.

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