IMS and ADL to collaborate on sequencing, provide free software
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
August 27, 2001

At the IMS Symposium on 23rd August 2001, Edward Walker, CEO of IMS, announced the setting up of a new fast-track working group to tackle sequencing. ADL announced cooperation with this effort, including free software.

Sequencing of content – determining the flow of activity for the learner between activities or assessments – has become an important issue recently, and until this announcement was part of the remit of several IMS working groups, including QTI, Content Management, and Learning Design.

IMS hope to provide a quick solution with a Simple Sequencing specification to be available as a public draft by the end of this year. At the same time, ADL will be creating an open-source Java sequencing engine that implements the specification

ADL’s Phillip Dodds announced that the software will be available freely to all.