New SCORM self-test suite released
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
September 03, 2001

ADL have released a new version of its conformance-testing suite. The suite enables organisations to test their own applications and content for SCORM 1.1 compatibility.

For information on licensing and downloading version 1.1.1 of the conformance test suite, see ADL's SCORM 1.1.1 test suite announcement.

ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) is an initiative sponsored by the US federal government to "accelerate large-scale development of dynamic and cost-effective learning software and to stimulate an efficient market for these products in order to meet the education and training needs of the military and the nation's workforce of the future."

As part of this objective, ADL produce SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), a specification for reusable learning content. Outside the defence sector, SCORM is being adopted by a number of training and education vendors as a useful standard for learning content. Version 1.2 of SCORM will also incorporate the IMS Metadata and Content Packaging specifications.

For more information on SCORM and ADL, visit the ADL website.