ADL release SCORM v1.2
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
October 08, 2001

The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Co-Laboratory have released version 1.2 of SCORM, the reference specification for sharable content objects for learning. The new release incorporates IMS Content Packaging and IEEE Learning Object Metadata.

According to Dan Rehak, technical director of Carnegie Mellon University's Learning Systems Architecture Lab, the new release of SCORM provides "[...] the stable models needed for the community to go forward and produce interoperable content."

As previously reported, SCORM 1.2 marks the convergence of specifications produced by the IMS Global Learning Consortium and ADL, with IMS Content Packaging forming the core of the content structuring element of SCORM. According to an ADL press release, SCORM 1.2 expands upon the current version of IMS Content Packaging to “include additional course structure capabilities”.

The new release marks the first in a series of planned collaborations between ADL and IMS, which also includes a planned schema for sequencing content. According to Dr. Edward Walker, CEO of IMS, "SCORM and the ADL Plugfests continue to be the primary focusing force for convergence and progress across the e-learning community."

"The next steps include specifying the sequencing of content in courses and articulating the architecture framework underlying the SCORM."

Further developments in SCORM – and in particular the implementation of Content Packaging and IEEE metadata – are expected in two new white papers under development at ADL. For metadata, ADL are developing a "[...] list of meta-data extensions in the LOM Technical Metadata category to aid LMS developers in determining launch requirements (e.g. preferred and required window size) of learning content." While for content packaging, ADL are considering "additional ADL extensions to the content packaging specification that will aid the ADL community in answering, 'What we can do today in the terms of sequencing behaviors.'"

We can expect the release of the SCORM 1.2 test conformance suite sometime in November.

For more information, visit the ADL website