Microsoft unveil new specification for web services architecture
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
October 24, 2001

Microsoft have released a new set of specification for XML-based web services, building on existing SOAP, WSDL and UDDI specifications to provide additional standards for security and message routing.

The Global XML Web Services Architecture "provides a set of principles and guidelines for advancing the protocols and file formats of today's XML Web services to more complex and sophisticated tasks" according to a Microsoft announcement.

The new specification represents a step along the road to a complete architecture for web-based services outlined by Microsoft and IBM at the W3C Web Services Workshop in April 2001. According to a Microsoft statement, the new specifications "will be available for a review period and then submitted to appropriate standards bodies."

The specifications cover four areas:

In the domain of technologies for teaching and learning, the specifications could have a strong impact on the types of architectures used within managed learning environments. The adoption of standard security and encryption mechanisms in SOAP may make it easier to build loosely coupled systems without compromising security. Likewise the new specifications for routing of messages may go some way towards improving the performance of web-based services, assisting in the development of message brokering services.

More information on the announcement can be found at XML CoverPages