CampusPipeline release Luminus Integration Suite with IMS support
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
October 30, 2001

As part of their new Luminus product line, CampusPipeline have released the Luminus Integration Suite, incorporating support for the IMS Enterprise specification.

The suite is part of CampusPipeline's Luminus product family, which includes content management and administration applications.

According to a CampusPipeline press release, the integration suite provides 'advanced tools to help institutions streamline how they integrate their disparate systems, applications and databases into a unified whole. Included in the suite are a robust Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) system and adapters for synchronizing data and processes across all campus systems including student information systems (SIS), learning management systems (LMS), library systems, bookstores, etc.'

Specifically, the suite provides application or database-specific adapters, message routing capabilities, and data transformation tools for integrating campus systems.

Further information is available on the CampusPipeline website.