Saba submits extension to IMS specifications for LMS-VLE communication
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
November 01, 2001

Saba has submitted a specification to the IMS Global Learning Consortium for data transfer and communication between a Learning Management System (LMS) and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

According to a Saba press release, the specification covers:

The extension was developed by Saba and validated by Centra, Interwise and PlaceWare.

Commenting on the submission, Geoffrey Collier of IMS said, "It is exciting to see leading vendors such as Saba, Centra, Interwise, and PlaceWare support standards efforts, even to the point that they are donating intellectual property to it."

No further details are currently available on the specification, which from its description sounds like it forms an API or messaging layer rather than an information model.

IMS will discuss the specification in a meeting at Saba Headquarters on November 13-14.

We'll update this story as soon as we have more details from IMS and Saba.