IBM, Microsoft issue Web Services Inspection specification
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
November 05, 2001

In a joint statement, IBM and Microsoft announced Web Services Inspection specification (WS-Inspection), defining "how an application can discover an XML Web service description on a Web server".

The new specification will allow developers to easily browse web servers for XML services, building on Microsoft's SOAP Discovery technology implemented in Visual Studio.NET.

The WS-Inspection specification provides a standard method for locating and retrieving Web Services Description Language (WSDL) documents from servers, grouping related services, and correlating services with other content (such as HTML pages). For the latter feature, the announcement gives the example of a browser downloading an HTML page that has corresponding XML Web services, of which "both the user and the browser environment need to be made aware".

As well as the specification, a toolkit and samples have been issued to get developers started.

For more information, view the announcement at XML CoverPages