THINQ and Macromedia integrate products using AICC, SCORM
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
November 05, 2001

THINQ have announced a new partnership with Macromedia to ensure content created using CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver can be used in its TrainingServer learning management system (LMS).

Both TrainingServer and CourseBuilder For Dreamweaver comply with ADL's Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) specification and the AICC speficification. The partnership simply means that THINQ has conducted tests to ensure that content authored specifically using the Macromedia product will work as intended within TrainingServer.

Although in theory any SCORM-compliant LMS can use any SCORM-compliant content, in practice, achieving interoperability using specifications like SCORM and IMS does not always go smoothly. This is because 'compliance' to a specification can mean different things to different vendors.

Further information on Macromedia and THINQ is available in the directory.