IMS QTI group go graphical
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
November 20, 2001

At its Open Technical Forum in San Francisco, IMS gave a presentation of its progress in Question and Test Interoperability.

Steve Lay, co-chair of the IMS QTI working group, told delegates about recent developments in the specification.

This year the IMS QTI specification has had two revisions – version 1.1 in January, and a public draft of version 1.2 in October. The 1.2 version also provided a Reporting specification to enable responses and outcomes to be captured.

Perhaps most interesting was the addition of coordinates for material objects and support for stylesheets, enabling finer control of the visual appearance of assessments. This was in part due to the work of Sheffield’s Can Studios, who have been extending the visual capabilities of the IMS QTI specification in their work on content for the National Learning Network (NLN). The company is also working on a visual layout tool for developing QTI assessments.

The group have no intention to produce a version 1.3 of the specification, and will spend 2002 maintaining the existing specification, and scoping requirements for a possible version 2.0 release in the more distant future. Lay noted the interest in behaviours and transaction models in other IMS groups, and stated that this may be a consideration for a future IM QTI specification.

The final release of IMS QTI version 1.2 is expected by the end of this year.