QuestionMark, Blackboard build bridges with Building Blocks
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
January 07, 2002

QuestionMark, vendors of the Perception assessment suite, announced an agreement with Blackboard to provide interoperability between their respective products using Blackboard's Building Blocks programme.

Building Blocks is a 'plug-in' architecture for the Blackboard Enterprise Learning System that allows vendors to extend the platform.

However, unlike open standards for interoperability, the Building Blocks APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are under the control of Blackboard developers rather than a consortium of vendors and consumers as is the case for specifications such as IMS.

For more information on the Building Blocks initiative, read Blackboard pave road ahead with Building Blocks on this site, or visit the Blackboard website. For information on QuestionMark Perception, visit the QuestionMark website.