OKI to release common service layer definitions
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
January 11, 2002

Last month, MIT announced significant progress has been made in the Open Knowledge Intitiative, a project to define open architectural specifications for educational systems. The first public fruits of the endeavour, in the form of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for a common service layer, are due for public release over the next two months.

According to a MIT press release, the project has "begun the process of releasing its Common Service Application Programming Interface (API) definitions". These interfaces "define a layer of 'Common Services' that include authentication, authorization, rules management, logging, globally unique identifier (GUID) management, user messaging, database management, file management, and related common objects."

"Over the course of the next two months the OKI project will be making these common service level API definitions publicly available."

The OKI project includes a number of institutions and organisations working in partnership with MIT, including Cambridge University in the UK. The project has attracted considerable interest across the academic sector, and it will be interesting to see how the first release matches the expectations it has raised.

For more information on the OKI project, visit the OKI website at MIT.