Authoring EML: OUNL announces conference
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
January 16, 2002

In response to the widespread interest shown in its Educational Modelling Language (EML), the Open University of the Netherlands (OUNL) have announced a conference on authoring courseware in EML.

The event will take place in the Netherlands on the 20th-22nd of March 2002. and will address both authoring and content management.

One of the key issues of EML is how to author materials; in previous presentations, the OUNL have demonstrated authoring using Adobe's FrameMaker+SGML application, but this requires an in-depth knowledge of EML to produce usable materials, as users need to mark up the EML files themselves rather than use visual tools.

According to Eric Kluijfhout, partnership programme manager for the R&D programme, "We have had a critical look at the whole production cycle and have got very useful feedback from users of this system. Top of the list is that user-friendliness of the different tools used in the production process, has to be improved."

"More generally, the authoring environment should support specific pedagogical approaches (didactical scenarios). It should support different course development procedures, and it should be possible for content and method developed within this environment to be re-used."

For more information on the event, visit the EML website.