Microsoft release LRN 3.0 Toolkit, supporting IMS Content Packaging, IMS Metadata and SCORM
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
January 24, 2002

Microsoft has released a new Toolkit for working with content packages and metadata, and initial reactions by users have been very positive.

LRN Toolkit 3.0 allows users to package content using both IMS Content Packaging and attach IMS Metadata. The toolkit also supports SCORM, and is available for Windows 98, 2000 and XP.

The toolkit is intended for use with Microsoft's Learning Resource iNterchange (LRN) implementation of the IMS Content Packaging and Metadata specifications. This is the first Microsoft release from its LRN group in some time; a basic content packaging tool was available previoulsy, but was removed from the Microsoft website a few months ago.

Microsoft have also partnered with SmartForce and others to provide sample content to accompany the toolkit.

Both the toolkit and content samples can be downloaded from the Microsoft LRN website.