Macromedia to support .NET and XML-based web services in next generation of products
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
February 13, 2002

Macromedia has announced broad support for Web services and Microsoft's .NET architecture. This support will feature in new releases of its DreamWeaver UltraDev and ColdFusion products.

Macromedia is "working closely with Microsoft" to ensure interoperability between their products and Microsoft's .NET framework. In the future, developers and web designers will be able to build dynamic ASP.NET web applications using Macromedia products, and link programs and sites together using open Web Services technology.

Web Services technology, which uses standard Internet protocols to send XML "envelopes" to other applications, is rapidly gaining ground in the education technology field, with IMS developing web-services based specifications.

For more information on the announcement, view the press release on the Macromedia website.