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Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
March 07, 2002

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Weblogs - personal web journals - are the hot new thing on the web these days. Some of these sites are even talking about standards in learning technology. We take a look around at some of the best standards-related 'blogs on the web.

Below, in no particular order, are some of the most useful 'blogs for anyone interested in standards in educational technology.

David Carter-Tod: Serious Instructional Technology
According to David, this 'blog is "my way of keeping a diary, remembering things I read, developing myself, thinking, and communicating to others what I think is important in instructional technology."

SiT covers a lot of useful territory, including standards, technology, course design, and blogging in education. David's scanning of the wires for important announcements - and his thoughtful comments - makes his 'blog a regular destination for CETIS.

Stephen Downes: OLDaily
Online Learning Daily is, like the title says, a daily weblog about online learning. The author is Stephen Downes, an Information Architect at the University of Alberta in Canada.

Like David Carter-Tod, Stephen scans a lot of news sources and gives stories his commentary and analysis. Despite the similar remits, both 'blogs often cover different developments, and the writers provide different views, so both are well worth a visit.

Aside from OLDaily, Stephen's site is also well worth a look for his wealth of articles on learning objects and other topics.

Maish R Nichani and Venkat Rajamanickam: eLearningPost
eLearningPost is a sort of halfway-house between a 'blog and a traditional news site: "elearningpost is an intelligent digest of daily links to articles and news stories about Corporate Learning, Community Building, Instructional Design, Knowledge Management, Personalization and more."

eLearningPost is one of the best sources for new developments in learning technology, and often provides great links to emerging stories. Unlike OLDaily and SiT, eLearningPost tends to provide less analysis and commentary on the news, but is nevertheless an excellent source of new developments.

Raymond Yee: IU Technology Architecture Lodge
Raymond Yee - another Canadian - is a technology architect at Berkeley's Interactive University, who writes a 'blog on architecture issues and "other topics that catch my fancy."

Raymond's site is of interest to CETIS visitors primarily for his interest in a range of technology standards relating to content and metadata: MOA2, METS, IMS, and RSS to name a few. Raymond is currently working on conversions between different specifications, and it makes for an interesting read.

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