UK Colleges report on interoperability pilot projects
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
May 10, 2002

The final reports from the Further Education colleges participating in a set of JISC-funded interoperability pilot projects have been published.

The pilot projects used specifications including IMS Enterprise and Content Packaging to attempt to create interoperability across college systems, including student administration systems and learning delivery platforms. Projects tested four types of interoperation:

Putting together the experiences of the pilot projects, JISC's Managed Learning Environment Steering Group (MLE-SG) have also produced a Final Report that makes recommendations about future MLE and interoperability issues.

Although the recommendations are directed to FE colleges and the organisations and vendors that support them, the recommendations are also of general interest for anyone involved in integrating systems using IMS specifications.

The reports are available for downloading in Word and PDF format from the MLE page on the JISC website.