Can Studios demo new authoring tool and player
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
May 24, 2002

Can Studios are providing an online preview of their new Canvas Learning suite, comprising a visual editor (Canvas Learning Author) and a player for browser-based or standalone delivery of IMS QTI content (Canvas Learning Player).

Canvas Learning claims support for SCORM as well as the IMS QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) and Content Packaging specifications.

According to Can Studios, "using Canvas Learning Author you can create, package and deliver interoperable course material and assessments."

"Canvas Learning Author allows a user to quickly combine course materials with a variety of question types including drag and drop, multiple-choice and limited text entry."

"In addition, both Canvas Learning Author and Canvas Learning Player offer full support for the inclusion of a broad range of media types including a range of document formats, graphics, animations, audio types and digital video."

The preview of Canvas Learning Author is available online from Can Studios. There is also a preview of the player, with the facility to upload your own IMS QTI files to try out.