JISC announce new round of FE college interoperability projects
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
May 24, 2002

JISC, the UK's Joint Information Systems Committee, has published an invitation for proposals to conduct interoperability projects in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The projects will use IMS specifications to provide interoperability between components of college Managed Learning Environments (MLEs), for example between a student record system and a virtual learning environment.

The new projects follow a previous round of projects conducted by further education colleges in England. The new round has a fund of 250,000 allocated by JISC, with individual projects of from 10,000 to 40,000.

Many of the previous set of projects involved using the IMS Enterprise specification as the basis of providing enrolment information from a student administration system to a VLE, and for returning results from a VLE to the student administration system. Other projects used IMS Content Packaging and Metadata to create and share learning objects.

With the new round of projects, the UK Further Education sector will almost certainly be the world's largest user of the IMS Enterprise specifications.

The JISC Circular detailing the requirements for proposals is now available on the JISC website.