CampusSource - a European OKI?
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
June 10, 2002

CampusSource is an open-source initiative from Germany, with strong parallels with MIT's Open Knowledge Initiative.

The Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) was announced to great excitement in the Anglophone world last year; a free, open-source framework for building software used in higher education. We - like many others in the UK and US - have been avidly following developments in the OKI camp ever since.

So it's a little odd for us to have completely overlooked a similar development taking place over on the continent.

The CampusSource project has a set of aims that correspond quite closely to those of the OKI project: creating an open-source infrastructure for educational applications.

According to their website, CampusSource is " an open source initiative supported by the state which brings the results of research and development of a technical infrastructure for the set up and operation of virtual universities to broad use."

"The aim of the open source initiative is to unite the efforts of the individual university projects and to make the platform as a requirement of a virtual university freely available for use and further development to those who are interested."

Under the CampusSource banner a number of applications have already been produced, and are available to download and use. There is OpenUSS (a virtual learning environment), the Uni Open Platform (a student and course administration system), MILESS (a library system), Virtual University (another VLE), ILIAS (yet another VLE), and WebAssign (an assessment system).

All the applications are available for free and are open-source.

Here at CETIS we've only just come across CampusSource, but this could be an interesting development to watch.