IMS Learning Design specification clears first hurdle
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
June 10, 2002

The IMS Learning Design specification has passed the first stage in the process of being released by IMS.

Learning Design is a new specification under development by IMS for "describing learning and instructional design". The specification will be based, at least in part, on the work on EML (Educational Modelling Language) by the Open University of the Netherlands (OUNL).

IMS Learning Design is intended to be a "high level" specification describing the complete learning experience, including learner-learner communication and collaboration in group settings.

The "Base Document" - the document that will become the basis of the draft specification - was recently passed by the IMS Technical Board. The Learning Design working group will now work on finalizing the specification, which should see the light of day in around six months time.

According to Jocelyn Manderveld of the OUNL, a member of the IMS Learning Design Working Group, " we will concentrate hard to finish the work: Information Model, the bindings, the Best Practices, Use Cases and Implementation Guide. You can expect the public draft of our LD-specification this November. Besides that, we will help as much as we can to harmonize the work of the key Working Groups."

The Learning Design specification should support the use of more advanced, activity-based multi-user instructional designs; designs that cannot be currently expressed using the content-centric, single-learner model currently supported by SCORM and the recently released IMS Simple Sequencing specification.

For more information on, read the release on the EML website.