Dublin Core Metadata anounces new usage documents
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
August 05, 2002

The Dublin Core Metada Initiative (DCMI) anounced a new set of usage documents that will incorporate the recent changes to the way DCMI handles new additions to the namespaces it maintains.

The new documents comprise a set of up-to-the-minute, authoritative references on Elements and Refinements, Encoding Schemes and DCMI Type vocabulary. There is also a new master document of all elements, element refinements and encoding schemes, and documents on usage board decisions.

The recently changed process for conferring status to new terms moves from a distinction between "Recommended as Cross-Domain" versus "Recommended as Domain-Specific" to "Recommended" versus "Conforming". Recommended elements, element refinements and DCMI vocabulary items are meant to be useful for resource discovery across domains. Conforming items are more limited to specific domains. Compared to the previous distinction, the new one allows for a larger 'grey area' between what is and is not strictly cross-domain.

Full details are available at the DCMI website.