SCORM 1.3 development update.
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
August 14, 2002

Following plugfest 6, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), the custodians of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), revealed a few more details of what will be included in the SCORM version 1.3 application profile.

As SCORM is an application profile and not really a specification in itself, the list of new features reads like an overview of the general standardisation effort around learning objects. It will even continue to do so, as the efforts of other standardisation bodies will be shadowed in the profile. So whenever IMS updates the simple sequencing specification, for example, SCORM 1.3 will follow suit.

The IMS simple sequencing specification version 0.7.5 is also easily the most important new addition to SCORM. With it, course designers can specify the sequence of learning activities that is presented to a learner. A sequence can be branched or paced depending on the actions of the learner in the activity. The sequencing actions are simple, even if the spec and the software to support it is not.

Most of the other features of SCORM 1.3 are IEEE LTSC standards regarding learning object metadata (LOM) and two draft standards that concern the communication between learning objects and the managed learning environment that runs them. The changes appear to be mostly a matter of coordinating refinements between ADL and IEEE LTSC, which may also explain why SCORM 1.3 has not been released yet.

More info is available from the ADL website.