MS Word to SCORM converter tool demonstrated
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
August 15, 2002

At ADL's plugfest 6, Recombo inc successfully demonstrated Convertor™ for Word; a tool that helps convert MS Word or .rtf documents into SCORM 1.2 compliant sharable content.

The idea behind the product is to make it much easier to create content for a SCORM compliant Managed Learning System (MLS). It does this by allowing people to author content in Word, and then making the transition of the document into a Sharable Content Object as smooth as possible. You would do this by importing .rtf into the Converter application, which will then turn it into a proprietary XML format; with associated objects like pictures placed in separate folders. At that point, Converter lets you edit the structure of the document pretty much any way you like- within the limits of SCORM. Also included is an editor that allows the necessary metadata to be added. Once done, all the resources can be bundled and exported as a compliant SCORM package.

With a tool like this, it needs to be borne in mind that the whole process will never be as straightforward as saving a Word document as HTML. This is certainly no shortcoming of the tool itself, but a consequence of the fact that a sharable learning object needs to have a much more tightly defined structure and more information about its contents (metadata) than a simple, flat document can provide. As an aid to adding that structure and information, Recombo's Convertor for Word could be quite useful for a number of content developers.

More info on Convertor for Word is available from the Recombo website.