Jones e-education Course Management Platform Open Sourced
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
August 29, 2002

As part of a move out of the Managed Learning Environment (MLE) software market, the Jones Knowledge group has decided to open source a basic version of its e-education package.

The Jones Knowledge group is active in a number of e-learning related fields, including course content development and the running of an accredited, online University. These activities will continue, even though active in-house development of the e-education delivery tool will stop.

The version of the e-education platform that will be released as open source later this year, is not the latest or most advanced; version 4.0 contained too many bits of proprietary code from third parties for that to be possible. Still, the basic version that will be released ought to be a flexible and mature course management tool.

Unfortunately, the much-touted flexibility of the package, as well as its past tie-in with in-house content creation and delivery may rather limit learning object interoperability. Still, e-education is claimed to have some degree of IMS compliance (though which specs and to what extent is unclear).

The e-education package itself is based on the open source PHP and MySQL technologies, which means there should be a ready community willing and able to continue its development.

More info is availabe in a press release.