DCMI release paper on records management / recordkeeping metadata
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
September 04, 2002

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) have released a discussion paper on records management / recordkeeping metadata, and invites responses. The paper provides an overview of current initiatives in the field of record keeping preservation, and outlines ways in which DCMI can contribute.

The core of the debate that this position paper contributes to, is the question whether an organisation that is almost solely concerned with metadata that aids discovery of resources should concern itself with metadata about the preservation of resources. The two do overlap to an extent --i.e. discovery includes data about the accessibility or state of a resource--, but standards have so far developed quite independently.

The main recommendations of the position paper include improved communication between the DCMI and a few main record keeping / management standards initiatives, the provision of better information about record management issues to the DCMI board and the setting up of a DCMI working group. The pros and cons of giving a record keeping / management group some other status within DCMI are also outlined.

The position paper is available from the DCMI website. Contributions to the debate can be made to the DCMI general list