OAI based federated search service open sourced
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
September 10, 2002

The Digital Library Group of Old Dominion University has made the source code for its Arc federated metadata search service available. This will enable developers from a variety of communities to develop their own versions, as well as help improve the features and stability of the software itself.

The demonstration instantiation of Arc currently harvests metadata of over a 100 hundred Open Archive Initiative- Protocol for Metdata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) compliant repositories. Users can therefore search, but not necessarily get access to, a wide variety of digital sources. The metadata that enables such a function tends to be quite specific to a given community; hence the invitation to extend Arc with new metadata models.

The source code for the project is now placed at sourceforge. The application is written in Java and available under the NCSA Open Source licence. Arc requires JDK 1.4, Tomcat 4.0x and a RDBMS compliant database (e.g. Oracle or MySQL).