JISC publishes MLE briefing, supports new MLE projects
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
October 09, 2002

The UK's JISC demonstrates its ongoing commitment to technology awareness raising by releasing a comprehensive briefing about the future of MLEs in Further Education, starting a new series of interoperability pilot tests and supporting a project that will research the pedagogical implications of new elearning standards.

The Managed Learning Environment (MLE) report, "Managing the future with MLEs", is intended for everyone in the FE sector who is either interested in elearning or needs to manage new teaching and organisation structures. The main recommendation for FE practioners is that "MLE thinking is about college processes and standards, not software products." As such, it provides a useful summary of the results of the ‘IMS with English FE extensions’ strategy and the interoperability pilot studies.

These interoperability pilot tests will continue, but this time adapted to the specific needs of the FE sector in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales (which results in the SWANI moniker of the project). Also new in this project is the consultation of the whole FE sector in these regions about areas of interest before the project tenders were drawn up.

Finally, the JISC's Reusable E-Learning Object Authoring and Delivery (RE-LOAD) project will be looking at the pedagogical outcomes of a number of new elearning specifications, mostly SCORM, IMS Simple Sequencing and IMS Learning Design/EML. The project will do that mainly by adapting existing tools to handle these new specifications and test the lesson plan capabilities they will gain that way.

The Managing the future with MLEs (870Kb, .pdf) report is available from the JISC's MLE website
More information about SWANI is available in a flyer (43Kb, .pdf). There is another flyer (51Kb, .pdf) about the RE-LOAD project.