Professors Laurillard, Liber, Conole and Stiles to speak at CETIS pedagogy forum launch.
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
March 26, 2003

Now that the initial push for educational technology interoperability standards is taking effect, CETIS, in collaboration with the LTSN Generic centre and ALT, is turning its attention to their pedagogical ramifications by setting up the CETIS pedagogy forum. Unlike the well known CETIS Special Interest Groups (SIGs), the pedagogy forum will not just concentrate on one particular set of standards, but focus on the teaching and learning implications of all of them.

Like the CETIS SIGs, though, the pedagogy forum will hold about four meetings a year, and provide a website and a discussion mailing list. The forum is also free and open to everyone with an interest in the topic.

To get the forum off to a good start, a major launch event will be held on Monday April, 14th at the Chancellor's Conference Centre in Manchester. At the time of writing, all places have already been taken and the reserve list is practically full.

During the event, plenty of room will be given for discussion. To kick things off, Professor Diane Laurillard of the DfES will give a general introduction to elearning standards, and the issues they raise about learning technology. University of Staffordshire's Prof Stiles will then assess the impact standards have on teaching and learning materials.

In the afternoon, Bolton Institute Professor of eLearning and CETIS co-director Oleg Liber will be assessing the limits of VLEs, and exploring the opportunities presented by the new IMS Learning Design specification. Prof Fred Lockwood of Manchester Metropolitan will continue with the presentation of a new edited volume on reusing online resources as a sustainable approach to e-learning. The day will be rounded of by Prof Grainne Conole who will discuss the effects of networked learning on teaching and learning.

Supporting the launch is the LTSN Generic Centre, which supports e-learning as a major strand of its work. Fundamental to this is understanding and supporting pedagogical developments in e-learning in all its forms. The LTSN Generic centre supports CETIS in proposing that interoperability will be one of the key issues in developing e-learning and therefore the LTSN Generic Centre wishes to work with CETIS to examine the pedagogic implications of interoperability, and how that will impact on learning and teaching in the UK.

Also involved in the launch is ALT, an educational organisation which seeks to bring together all those with an interest in the use of learning technology in higher and further education. Key to this is supporting ALT members in promoting good practices in the use of learning technology, and facilitating dialogue between practitioners and policy makers. The development of learning technology standards to support interoperability is a growing issue for our members, and as such ALT is pleased to work with CETIS in furthering the understanding of the pedagogical implications and ensuring ALT members concerns are raised and incorporated into future developments.

The forum's website is already live, and contains more information about the launch event.

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