First draft of UK Common Metadata Framework released
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
May 23, 2003

CETIS has released the first draft of the UK Common Metadata Framework, providing practitioners in the UK with guidelines for using learning object metadata.

The UKCMF stems from efforts to identify common practice in the use of metadata in packaged e-learning content. Drawing upon work such as CanCore, FAILTE, ADL's SCORM, the National Learning Network and the University for Industry, the Framework provides a set of guidelines to inform UK practitioners on the implementation of a minimum common core of LOM elements and associated vocabularies.

According to the draft document, the aim of the UKCMF is "not to be prescriptive, but rather to identify common practice and provide guidelines for metadata implementers, creators and users."

Like CanCore, the Canadian Core Learning Object Metadata Application Profile, the UKCMF is essentially an application profile of the IEEE Learning Object Metadata standard that has been optimised for use within the context of education, in this case the UK sectors.

The current draft of the UKCMF application profile (version 0.1) contains an information model only and is not accompanied by a binding. The documents can be downloaded at

The UKCMF was created in partnership between CETIS, Learning & Teaching Scotland, UKOLN, Intrallect, and the University of London.