New Australian e-learning centre of excellence starts work
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
July 28, 2003

The Macquarie e-learning centre of excellence (MELCOE) has just been launched onto the world. Though the centre is new, they are the stewards of the existing COLIS reference implementation of a number of IMS interoperability specifications.

That stewardship of the COLIS project also gives a clue about the focus of the centre: the practical and pedagogical implications of e-learning interoperability standards. Hence the fact that one of the plans with COLIS is to demonstrate the robustness of IMS specs by ripping out parts of COLIS and replacing them with equivalent new ones from different vendors.

On the pedagogical side, research of the useability of the COLIS framework by learners and teachers will continue. The outcomes will be used to improve those systems that participated in COLIS , and, it is hoped, the wider e-learning community.

Nor is the COLIS project the only work that MELCOE will do. The centre's list of recent papers and publications shows the amount of input MELCOE and its partners have in the e-learning interoperability standards space. Specially commended is the paper by MELCOE's director, James Dalziel, about the open standards versus open source in education.

Visit the MELCOE website to find out more.