UKCMF becomes the UK LOM Core
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
July 31, 2003

After some soul searching, the name of the Learning Object Meta-Data standard as applied to the UK has changed from UK Core Metadata Framework (UKCMF) to the UK LOM Core.

Why? Well, because the new name covers the contents a bit better: it is the core of the IEEE Learning Object Metadata standard, adapted for use in the UK educational context. With it, people can search for e-learning resources with terms and categories that make sense in the UK educational system, while maintaining interoperability with the rest of the world.

The main complaint about the old name was that it didn't indicate the crucial 'learning' bit. Also, the new name is delibarately similar to the older 'CanCore', which is the Canadian adaptation of the IEEE LOM. Lorna Campbell, one of the UK LOM Core's initiators, felt that the depth of gratitude owed to the CanCore makers was well worth a name check, and also neatly indicated the similarity between the two adaptations.

With the name change, the UKCMF documents have moved to a new location: the UK LOM Core home page. At the moment, the page only contains the current version of the UK LOM Core (v. 0.1), which is technically identical to the old UKCMF v. 0.1.

So there you have it: better metadata about metadata.