CETIS briefing on Simple Sequencing published
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
August 18, 2003

The latest in the CETIS series of "What is ..." briefings about e-learning interoperability standards deals with IMS Simple Sequencing. Written by Warwick Bailey of Cambridge University, it is a four page introduction to the e-learning content specification.

IMS Simple Sequencing itself has been out for a while as a stand alone specification. Its main application, however, will be in the forthcoming SCORM 1.3 reference model, where it will be used to enable more sophisticated learning paths through collections of learning materials.

The current collection of CETIS "What is ..." briefings comprises IMS LIP, Enterprise, QTI, Content Packaging and Simple Sequencing. Forthcoming briefings will deal with ADL SCORM, pedagogical implications of interoperability standards and IMS Learning Design.

Download the The Simple Sequencing briefing directly (268 Kb, pdf).