New version of UK education metadata profile released
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
May 06, 2004

A new draft of the UK Learning Object Metadata Core (UK LOM Core) profile has just been made public. This version of the IEEE LOM standard is scheduled to become a full release in the summer, after a consultation period.

The UK LOM Core is one of many application profiles of the IEEE LOM standard. Like the CanCore, FAILTE and SCORM profiles, it narrows down the metadata standard for use in a particular area; UK education in this case. A comparison with other major LOM profiles is included in the document.

The purpose of the document is to identify common practice in UK LOM use, and to guide software developers, cataloguers and users. Since the profile is designed for all of the UK, it is fairly general, and can be profiled in its turn for a specific application. The draft does not provide a machine readable 'binding'.

Compared to the previous draft, some twentythree substantive changes have been made to the specification. These range from further clarifications, via changes to the format of values to one change in what was mandatory, but is now optional: the technical format element.

The latter is a result from an extensive discussion on the CETIS Metadata and Repository SIG mailing list, which is also where comments on the present draft can be discussed. Alternatively, comments can be sent directly to Lorna Campbell (e-mail address is in the document).

The document will remain a public draft until July 31st, after which it will form the basis of the full 1.0 release.

Download the UK Learning Object Metadata Core Draft 0.2. Other UK LOM Core resources are available from the UK LOM Core home page.