CETIS wins new JISC interoperability service contract
Wilbert Kraan, CETIS staff
April 09, 2006

You might well wonder if providing a service about interoperability standards for JISC isn't what CETIS has been doing for quite a while now; you'd be right, it has. The new contract means a step change in the way CETIS will fulfill that service to the community, though.

For starters, the activities of the CETIS team have broadened over the years to take in a number of related but distinct activities. Colleagues provide direct JISC development programme community or dissemination support, for example. Others work on closely related European Commission projects, or explore new e-learning technology paradigms.

At the same time, the world of educational technology has changed quite a bit since CETIS started as the UK IMS centre. The dot com bubble came and went, taking quite a few VLE vendors with it. Interoperability standards matured and changed in nature; from the big old datamodels, via webservices to the mash-ups of today.

JISC and the JISC community have also changed considerably. From the first tentative student record interoperability pilots in the 7/99 programme to the e-framework now, interoperability development projects have become more ambitious and more commonplace. The expertise in the UK FE and HE community to take these challenges on and run with them has kept pace.

Time, then, for a new website that better reflects what CETIS does, and what it will do for the community. Over the next two months, as the new service takes shape, and the formalities get finalised, a new site will be developed in the background.

As has been the case since the start, we'd love to hear your preferences and requirements on this piece of technology. You can send suggestions to Wilbert Kraan