CEN/ISSS workshop on learning technologies
Scott Wilson, Adrian Rawlings
October 02, 2001

At the beginning of October, a CEN/ISSS workshop on learning technologies is being held in Turin. One of the key events at this meeting will be work on Educational Modelling Languages (EMLs).

The CEN/ISSS Workshop on Learning Technologies (WSLT) has commissioned a survey of current Educational Modelling Languages (EMLs). EMLs are being developed and used around the world. They tend to be based around XML and are used to create highly structured course material. An EML-based course might offer features such as re-useable course material, and personalised interaction for individual students.

The WSLT is working on a preparatory agreement that may ultimately lead to an official European standard. Through standardisation, it would be possible, for example, for course material to be re-used between compliant EML platforms from different vendors. This study of existing EMLs has been commissioned in order to inform the WSLT in its work.

The University of Turin has offered to host the next meeting of CEN/ISSS WSLT, which takes place on 4-5 October 2001. An all-day session on the EML survey is taking place the day before, on Wednesday 3nd October 2001.

For more information, view the invitation to participate, and the agenda for the Turin event. Further details can be found at the CEN ISS Workshop site