OUNL conference on EML authoring and content management
Scott Wilson, CETIS staff
March 20, 2002

[From the EML website]

The Educational Technology Expertise Centre of the Dutch Open University is staging a three-day conference on EML authoring and content management environments. This is in response to interest shown in EML since the public release of EML v1.0 in December 2000.

Eric Kluijfhout, partnership programme manager for the R&D programme, said "We have had a critical look at the whole production cycle and have got very useful feedback from users of this system. Top of the list is that user-friendliness of the different tools used in the production process, has to be improved. More generally, the authoring environment should support specific pedagogical approaches (didactical scenarios). It should support different course development procedures, and it should be possible for content and method developed within this environment to be re-used."

"This is an opportunity for the growing EML-aware community to come together to decide on what the EML authoring and content management environment should look like. Interest in EML has gone beyond the critical mass, and this conference will help to focus interest and produce results." Eric said

"There are particular conditions for participation.", said Eric. "First, prior to the conference, participants must compile a description of their authoring and content management requirements in the form of Domain Descriptions and related Use Cases, using UML notation. This information must be sent in and will be processed as input to the conference. Secondly, organisations should send two representatives: one who is an expert on authoring, the other with a strategic/management outlook to work on the business model".

The event is being held at Heerlen , 20-22 March 2002. Further details to be confirmed