Designs for Learning: Finding and reusing learning objects and learning activity management (LAMS) in basic number and statistics
Vivien Sieber
December 14, 2004

This workshop will demonstrate how simple it is to create sequences of learning activities incorporating reusable learning objects (RLO) using freely available tools. You will have the opportunity to use some of these interoperable tools developed by the JISC to support e-learning and explore Learning Activity Management Software (LAMS) to create sequences of learning activities. The session will focus on teaching basic data interpretation and statistics.


You will build learning activity sequences using open-source software tools that can be used either alone or integrated with virtual learning environments. You will have the opportunity to use them to create your own materials using a range of interoperable tools: learning object repositories, learning activity management software (LAMS), on-line assessments (TOIA). Participants will be given accounts for this software and will be able to use it from their own institution after the session.

This workshop will show you how to find reusable learning objects for maths and statistics. It will introduce the idea of learning design and learning activity management. You will then create sequences of learning activities (designs) for use in your own teaching. You will have the opportunity to use a range of tools to create your learning designs that meet your learning goals. This workshop forms part of the learning design community which is supported by a knowledge base and discussion forum.


The session will be a mixture of small group, hands-on and group work.

During this session you will:

Support following the session will be available of from the learning design community website and forum.

Cost: This project is funded by the JISC and there is no charge for this session. Refreshments are included. Participants who reserve a place but fail to give reasonable notice of cancellation will be charged 75.00.