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CEN/ISSS WS-LT Survey of Educational Modelling Languages

The CEN/ISSS Workshop on Learning Technologies has commissioned a survey of current Educational Modelling Languages (EMLs).

EMLs are being developed and used around the world. They tend to be based around XML and are used to create highly-structured course material. An EML-based course might offer features such as: re-useable course material, personalised interaction for individual students, media independence, etc.

The CEN/ISSS Workshop on Learning Technologies (WSLT) is working on a preparatory agreement that may ultimately lead to an official European standard. Through standardization, it would be possible, for example, for course material to be re-used between compliant EML platforms from different vendors. This study of existing EMLs has been commissioned in order to inform the WSLT in its work.

Survey participation

You are invited to participate in the EML survey. There are three phases to the survey: information gathering, analysis, and reporting. The survey is currently in the information gathering phase, and this is the purpose of this email message.

If you have developed, or are developing, an educational modelling language, we would like to hear from you. Specifically, the survey would like to receive any information you might care to send, such as the EML’s information model, DTD and practices. Your information should be sent to . Your material will be included in the survey along with other EMLs, and the results will be made public early in 2002.

Meeting in Turin, 3rd October 2001

The University of Turin has offered to host the next meeting of CEN/ISSS WS-LT, which takes place on 4-5 October 2001. It is planned to hold an all-day session on the EML survey the day before, on Wednesday 3rd October 2001.

Provisional programme:

2nd October

Arrive University of Turin in afternoon to set up demonstrations. Note that few airlines have direct flights to Turin, so travel may take longer than expected.

The workshop welcomes any organisation that would like to demonstrate their EML. A sixty-minute slot will be made available for each demonstration. The precise format is not fixed, but might consist of a presentation of the EML followed by a question and answer session. The length of the slots might need to be reduced if demand is too great.

An Internet connection and LCD projector will be available.


3rd October


Workshop opens - housekeeping and timetable for the workshop


Introductory address from Prof. Rob Koper (Open University of the Netherlands), and director of EML survey


Purpose and scope of the CEN/ISSS EML Survey


Coffee break


Demonstrations of EMLs (Internet connection and LCD projector will be available)




Demonstrations of EMLs


Coffee break


Open forum and concluding remarks


Workshop closes

4th October

Regular CEN/ISSS WS-LT meeting. All are welcome to attend.

5th October

Regular CEN/ISSS WS-LT meeting. All are welcome to attend.

Important dates

21st September – closing date for registering a attendance or a demonstration at the EML Survey Workshop (3/10/2001)

28th September – closing date for notifying participation in the EML Survey

Administrative information

If you would like to register for the workshop or submit information to be included in the EML survey, please email to workshop co-ordinator:

Dr. Nikolaus Kovacs (

Note that few airlines have direct flights to Torino, so journey times may be longer than expected. Details of how to find the venue will be sent out nearer the date.

Thank you for your co-operation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Adrian Rawlings

Co-ordinator, CEN/ISSS WS-LT EML Survey

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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