ࡱ> sur7 3.bjbjUU &P7|7|3*l$(\B2pUBWBWBWBWBWBWB$D (Fp{B{BBJUBUB>0A ԋKXJ?$AB0B?FFACETIS EC SIG Minutes Minutes of the second meeting of the CETIS EC SIG University of Luton Friday 7th December 2001 Attendees Keith Adams, Eddie Boyle, Gayle Calverley, Lorna Campbell, John Casey, Bala Chandramohan, Paul Child, Clive Church, Ed Clarke, Elisabeth Coughlin, Charles Duncan, Susan M Eales, Peter Hartley, Steve Jeyes, Boon Kee Low, Sheila MacNeill, Erica McAteer, Sarah McConnell, Colin Milligan, Ken Mills, Sean Nugent, Bill Olivier, Niall Sclater, Jenny Slater, Ian Spring, Emma Templeton, Sue Tickner, Steve Walmsley. Apologies Chris Bowerman, Gerry Graham, Andy Heath, Peter Jackson, Allison Littlejohn, Bill McNeill, Christine Robertson, Bernard Scott, Mark Williams, Suzanne Hardy. Welcome and round table introductions All CETIS SIGs Assessment SIG - Niall Sclater The Assessment SIG met in Luton on the 6th of December. Steve Lay (UCLES) reported on the latest activities of the IMS QTI Working Group. The Assessment SIG is discussing a series of dissemination events which may include an ALT workshop and events coordinated with the LTSN subject centres. The group also discussed an assessment specific metadata scheme developed at the University of Southampton. Metadata SIG - Jenny Slater The Metadata SIG met recently in Loughborough where they discussed undertaking a survey of metadata use across the UK FE/HE sector. A draft questionnaire will be submitted to the group by the end of December and circulated in February. The Metadata SIG are keen to collaborate with the EC SIG in order to produce a general CETIS vocabulary using the CETIS websites encyclopaedia feature. FE Focus Group - Clive Church Slides attached below. IMS Working Groups Lorna M. Campbell Report on the activities of the IMS Simple Sequencing and Learning Design Working Groups including a round up of progress at the recent Working Group meetings at Redwood Shores, California. Slides of this presentation will be circulated via the EC SIGs closed mailing list. Terms and Definitions Lorna M. Campbell L. Campbell gave a short introduction to the EC SIGs Terms and Definitions document. She also demonstrated the CETIS encyclopaedia which has yet to be linked to the CETIS website. L. Campbell & J. Slater reported that the Metadata SIG is keen to contribute to the encyclopaedia and has requested that the EC SIG should also contribute their terms and definitions. The group agreed that the content of the EC SIG documents should be moved to the CETIS encyclopaedia. Action: L. Campbell will contact the CETIS programmer Scot Wilson to request some changes to the encyclopaedias functionality and user interface and to ask that the facility be publicly linked to the website. The group requested that L. Campbell should flag terms to the EC SIG mailing list on a regular basis. Action: L. Campbell agreed to send a selection of terms to the list every few weeks. The EC SIG Terms and Definitions document can be accessed from the SIG website at  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/educational-content/" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/educational-content/ The CETIS encyclopaedia can be accessed from  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/encyclopedia/" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/encyclopedia/ Content Exchange Demonstration The Scottish electronic Staff Development Library Eddie Boyle  HYPERLINK "http://www.sesdl.scotcit.ac.uk" http://www.sesdl.scotcit.ac.uk Eddie Boyle demonstrated how to upload resources to SeSDL, tag them with IMS metadata, and then downloaded then in the form of IMS content packages. SeSDL is a SHEFC funded collaborative project involving the Universities of Edinburgh, Paisley and Strathclyde. EC-Pac Boon Kee Low  HYPERLINK "http://www.met.ed.ac.uk/pac-man/" http://www.met.ed.ac.uk/pac-man/ The EC-Pac allows users to create, open and aggregate content packages. In addition, metadata can be attached to each item in the package or to the package itself. The IMS package editor currently supports four metadata schemes: IMS, DC, CanCore and NLN. Boon demonstrated how to open and aggregate several packages including one produced by SeSDL. The EC-Pac editor was developed as part of a JCEIL project at the University of Edinburgh. Bill Olivier asked why EC-Pac uses the term lesson rather than organisation as specified by IMS CP1.1. B.Low replied that he felt that the term lesson might be more user friendly for FE/HE users. PackageIt! and Microsoft LRN Steve Jeyes  HYPERLINK "http://celt.bangor.ac.uk/packageit/" http://celt.bangor.ac.uk/packageit/ Steve Jeyes used PackageIt! And Micrososft LRN to view and open a variety of content packages including packages produced by SeSDL and EC-Pac. Some packages could be viewed but not opened, others were opened successfully. Steve highlighted several of the PackageIt!s positive and negative features and added that all the editors might benefit from a manifest validator similar to Microsoft LRNs. PackageIt! was produced at the Centre for Learning Technology (CeLT), University of Wales, Bangor. Ed Clarke asked if the group knew of any tools which produced SCORM packages. B. Olivier replied that few tools can currently deal with SCROM content as this requires a specific SCORM content viewer. The JISC Learning Exchange Programme Steve Jeyes JISC will shortly be announcing a major new funding programme: the JISC Learning Exchange Programme which is likely to be of great interest to members of the EC SIG. The programme will consist of several strands which will encompass the creation and reuse of content to support learning and architecture to facilitate the delivery of reusable learning objects. There will also be a commissioned strand to develop tools and architecture to support the projects. Developers will be able to apply for funding for small individual projects, which may to groups together with other larger related projects. S. Eales added that this programme will be officially announced early in the new year and explained that the programme will not only be concerned with successful projects but wishes to explore challenging implementations in this field. Scoping the EC SIG Content Exchange The EC SIG will commission a group consultant to produce a content exchange report on behalf of the group. The consultant will contact users and developers of the following tools and will attempt to exchange a variety of different types of content packages between them. The tools will be evaluated using the criteria outlined below. While it will be impossible to create "validated" IMS content packages, as there is no formal validation procedure, this task will also involve the creation of a range of standards content packages which the EC SIG can guarantee will work on certain systems. These packages could then be used by colleagues to test systems that they may be considering investing in. The first phase of the content exchange task should be completed by the next EC SIG meeting in early March. Action: L. Campbell and C. Duncan to commission consultant to undertake task. Creating Content Packages Editing Content Packages Delivering Content Packages Colloquia PackageIt! SeSDL Xtensis Microsoft LRN HLSI COSE EC-Pac Leeds Boddington Common Technikal Colloquia PackageIt! Xtensis Microsoft LRN HLSI EC-Pac Leeds Boddington Common Technikal Colloquia Xtensis Microsoft LRN HLSI COSE Leeds Boddington Common Technikal Pioneer Blackboard WebCT Sources of Content LT Scotland, NLN, HLSI, Multiverse, video with embedded metadata, flash based content CME Sheffield Hallam, embedded dynamic content, COSE. Parameters for Comparison Ease of use Task simplicity and transparency Help Prior technical knowledge (xml?) Error handling Feedback Technical support Type of content handled Version Technical format Degree to which the specification is implemented Aggregation Disaggregation Cost Availability Open source? User base System requirements Development stage Support for other specifications What is content? Ken Mills asked if content included video, interactive TV systems, etc. C. Duncan replied that content should be defined as material that can be encoded in a device independent manner and added that the EC SIG should attempt to challenge the content packaging specifications where possible. B. Olivier added that default delivery mechanism of IMS content packages is via the web. Use Cases C. Church suggested that it might be useful for the SIG to produce a series of content oriented use cases which could be used to test different content management systems. Task Planning L. Campbell gave a brief update of progress on the EC SIGs first task, authoring a beginners guide to developing reusable education content. Two consultants have volunteered to undertake this task: Mhairi McAlpine of the University of Glasgow and John Casey of the University of Stirling. The beginners guide will aim to introduce academic staff to the concept of developing reusable educational content and will not touch on technical issues. J. Casey added that the guide should act as a manifesto for interoperability. L. Campbell said that the exact format of the guide will not be specified but it should itself be produced in an interoperable format. The guide will be completed by the next EC SIG meeting in early March. Gayle Calverley expressed an interest in the beginners guide and explained that her institution is considering commissioning similar guides. G. Calverley asked to liaise with the guides authors so as not to duplicate effort. L. Campbell will arrange a VC meeting on 14/12/01 so that the authors can meet with G. Calverley discuss the scope of the guide and whether it will meet some of the University of Manchesters requirements. AOB Topics for future meetings Learning Design The group agreed that it would be useful to devote a whole meeting to Learning Design and to invite speakers from the OUNL. Digital Repositories C. Duncan suggested a meeting focused on digital repositories. Vendors Event The group discussed the possibility of inviting vendors such as GIUNTI to present their products to the SIG and perhaps also to test them against SIG use cases. Simple Sequencing B. Olivier suggested a meeting on Simple Sequencing but there was insufficient interest. Instead L. Campbell has agreed to continue tracking SS and to report relevant developments to the group. Date of next meeting The next meeting will be held at the beginning of March, possibly on the 13th in order to coordinate with the Metadata SIG meeting. Possible venues include Sheffield Hallam and Staffordshire. Lorna M. Campbell EC SIG Coordinator  HYPERLINK "mailto:lmc@strath.ac.uk" lmc@strath.ac.uk 12th December 2001  Lhjz+NPa o   m̼̱|t|o B*ph3335B*\ph3356B*\]ph33 OJQJ^J5\B*H*OJQJ^Jph>*B*OJQJ^Jph B*phB*OJQJ^Jph5B*H*OJQJ\^Jph5B*OJQJ\^Jph5B*CJOJQJ\^Jph5B*CJOJQJ\^Jph jU)X7da$$Ifl Q!  33064 la$IfX$$Ifl Q!064 la $$Ifa$3.L`yz *+%& $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$` a   mn$If$If$If $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$'(VW@AB`alr`|)|ͶͶͶ}6B*]ph3356B*\]ph335OJQJ\^Jj&OJQJU^Jj%OJQJU^J0JOJQJ^Jj$OJQJU^JjOJQJU^J>*OJQJ^J OJQJ^Jj#U0J jUj"U1bckl_`()MN{$If $$Ifa$ $$Ifa${|   ' ZQ $$Ifa$$K$L$IflF t    06    4 la $$IfK$a$ $$IfK$a$ $$Ifa$$If    ?!A!T!!!!h#i#{###$%%%%([*a*|*}*,,E-G----. . .... .../.Ǽ嫞ylB*CJOJQJ^JphCJH*OJQJ^J0JCJOJQJ^Jj'CJOJQJU^JjCJOJQJU^JCJOJQJ^JH*OJQJ^JOJQJ^JmH sH mH sH h5OJQJ\^J>*OJQJ^J 5>*\ OJQJ^JCJhmH sH 5CJOJQJ\^J)' 2 8 @ N S X _ w !!&!.!9!?! $$IfK$a$ $$Ifa$?!@!A!T!U!!!!! 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Campbell0C:\Interoperability\EC SIG\minutes\minutes_2.docLorna M. Campbell0C:\Interoperability\EC SIG\minutes\minutes_2.docLorna M. Campbell0C:\Interoperability\EC SIG\minutes\minutes_2.docLorna M. Campbell0C:\Interoperability\EC SIG\minutes\minutes_2.docLorna M. 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