ࡱ> 7 5bjbjUU &V7|7|1l\p*@@@@@@@qpspspspspspsp$|r tpp@@@@@p@@p@@@qp@qp h5p@ kH5p<p0pk\ u  u5pCETIS EC SIG Minutes Minutes of the third meeting of the CETIS EC SIG Chancellors Conference Centre, University of Manchester Monday 4th March 2002 Participants Richard Bacon, Steve Beech, Frank Benneker, Eddie Boyle, Tom Boyle, Gayle Calverley, Lorna Campbell, Jackie Carter, John Casey, Clive Church, Ed Clarke, Charles Duncan, Stan Frost, Pierre Gorissen, Gerry Graham, Bob Guinn, Suzanne Hardy, Dan Howell, Kate Lloyd Jones, Sarah McConnell, Colin Milligan, Sean Nugent, Bill Olivier, Jenny Slater, Clive Stanger, Steve Walmsley, Scott Wilson. Apologies Bob Banks, Chris Bowerman, Susan M Eales, Steve Jeyes, Vic Lyte, Mhairi McAlpine, Bill McNeill, Sue Tickner, Mark Williams. Welcome and round table introductions All CETIS SIGs Assessment SIG - Lorna Campbell Next meeting of the Assessment SIG will be in Cambridge on the 18th of March. The group are planning a series of dissemination roadshows: Tuesday, 19/3/2002 - University of Hull Thursday, 4/4/2002 - Sheffield Hallam University - part of ALT eContent conference. Friday, 1/5/2002 - Oxford Brookes University For further information visit the SIG website at http://www.cetis.ac.uk/assessment/ Metadata SIG - Jenny Slater The group are undertaking a survey of the use of learning object metadata across the UK FE/HE community. The survey questionnaire will be discussed at the next SIG meeting and then distributed to the community. FE Focus Group - Clive Church THE FE Focus Group are discussing extending their role to support the JISC Regional Support Centres. The group have already presented to the JISC RSC Eastern Region Members. A series of dissemination events are planned, including a major event in Newark in June. See slides on EC SIG website for further details. IMS Working Groups Lorna M. Campbell The IMS Simple Sequencing, Digital Repositories and Learning Design Working Groups recently met in Sydney. The next quarterly WGs meeting will take place in Boston in May. The IMS Technical Board has recently approved the Simple Sequencing and Digital Repositories base documents. Some members commented on the complexity of the Simple Sequencing specification, others suggested that the Digital Repositories specification requires more technical detail. Both Working Groups will now work towards producing a public draft. Bill Olivier and Rob Koper are currently drafting the Learning Design base documents. These documents are not yet complete and have not been submitted to the IMS Technical Board. Discussion C. Duncan suggested it would be interesting to commission an implementation of the Simple Sequencing draft documents to test their complexity. E. Clarke volunteered to read over the draft documents and feed comments back to the EC SIG. G. Graham asked if the Content Packaging specification was done and dusted, i.e. there are no problems implementing it. C. Duncan replied no, and added that it would be useful to have best practice implementation guidelines for the UK FE/HE community. C. Duncan quoted B. Olivier saying that there is a difference between best practice and recommended practice and suggested that the SIGs should recommend practice to JISC. G Calverley added that a lot of information on recommended practice for the UK FE/HE community will come out of the Exchange for Learning (X4L) Programme. Action: L. Campbell to forward Simple Sequencing documents to E. Clarke. Action: E. Clarke to read documents and feedback comments to EC SIG. Writing and Using Reusable Educational Materials John Casey (John Casey and Mhairi McAlpine have been commissioned by the EC SIG to write a short beginners guide on developing reusable educational content. The first public draft of this report was submitted to the EC SIG mailing list prior to the meeting.) The beginners guide is a working draft. It is aimed at complete beginners, not SIG members, and deliberately avoids technical jargon. It has been written as a manifesto for reuse. The authors have attempted to pinpoint exit points were users may leave the guide. Keeping the guide down to five pages has proved difficult as it focuses on fairly abstract ideas; reuse, metadata, sharing and working together. This approach to learning design requires colleagues to be self conscious of their teaching practice, a great deal of current practice is implicit. John concentrated on issues relating to learning/teaching design and Mhairi on issues relating to interoperability and reusability. Mhairi noted that many colleagues think that instructional design is prescriptive. Discussion S. Nugent, discussing reusability with academics is difficult, the guide explains these ideas really clearly. The teaching design section could be an exit point, it might be worth splitting the guide into two documents. R. Bacon, the guide is aimed at people like himself. The authors have been set an impossible task in catering for many different audiences. Get academics to read the first part of the guide. L. Campbell, the guide currently exists as a Word document but will be made available in a variety of formats; Word, pdf, html. The guide itself has been designed to be granular and reusable. S. Wilson, CETIS have suggested producing modular PowerPoint presentations on SIG topics which could be accessed from the CETIS website. S. Hardy recommended forwarding the guide to the LTSN subject centres for addition to their news letters. The guide could be useful to the centres but they would need to tailor it for their own subject requirements. Producing reports in multiformats is useful. The guide needs a good dissemination strategy. F. Benneker has distributed the guide to colleagues in the Netherlands. L. Campbell asked group members to send their comments on the guide to the mailing list. D. Howell volunteered to review the guide from the FE perspective. C. Church will add the guide to the agenda for the next FE Focus Group meeting. Action: J. Casey and M. McAlpine to continue working on guide. Action: L. Campbell to forward current draft to D. Howell and C. Church. Action: L. Campbell to forward final version to LTSN subject centres. Action: L. Campbell to mail list reminding group members to post comments on guide. Content Exchange Evaluation Report Eddie Boyle This evaluation report builds on the experimental content exchange that took place at the second EC SIG meeting in Luton in December 2001. The scope of the evaluation is limited to import/export interoperability and does not look at what is going on inside the tools tested. The report should be viewed as a practical snapshot of tools interoperability in January 2002. The author tried to approach the evaluation from a non-technical teachers perspective. The evaluation tested six tools and produced a suite of test packages that enabled these tools to be evaluated. These packages were produced to test import export interoperability not for conformance testing. The following tools were tested. Microsoft LRN toolkit Macromedia Dreamweaver (with Manifest Maker Extension) Blackboard Learning System SeSDL PackageIt! EC-Pac JISC IMS Package Editor .against the following evaluation criteria. Cost: Source and market Developmental stage System requirements and technical specs Ease of use Interoperability and IMS implementation: Error handling The author evaluated the tools harshly but has tried to explain why things dont work. Many problems were caused by adherence to different versions of specifications. Different versions of the metadata specifications are incompatible due to underlying differences in the xml. The version of Blackboard tested appears to upload packages but ignores metadata and manifests. It is also possible to export packages from Blackboard but they do not contain metadata. This export facility is described as archiving courses. The report concludes that the main issues are: Specification version incompatibility, especially metadata. Manifests not correctly constructed according to claimed support. Lack of validating programs and helpful error checking. Interfaces need to be more user-friendly; people unfamiliar with IMS will find it difficult to use some of these applications. Lack of e-learning tools that import IMS packages. LRN most useful and easiest to use of the package editors. Support for IMS in commercial products still quite poor. Inline DTD declarations in manifest files are undesirable even though allowed by XML spec. Little support for sub-manifests in packages PackageIt! does not import metadata Discussion F. Benneker volunteers to donate a package from a different version of BlackBoard C. Duncan suggest inviting vendors to demonstrate interoperability by asking them to import & export test packages. D. Howell, all vendor products breakdown when handling large amounts of content. F. Benneker, it is difficult to implement specifications due to inconsistency between versions. C. Church, we need to see VLEs used in conjunction with tools. S. Wilson, the expectation of plug and play has been built up but we arent really there yet. G. Graham, specifications are being developed in the full glare of publicity; users expect them to be fully formed standards but they are immature because they are specifications! D. Bacon asked if tools could export and then import their own packages. E. Boyle replied that he did not test this, out of scope! Interoperability and Reusability in Practice: the Dutch Consortium Digital University P. Gorrisen and F. Benneker Slides avaialble from EC SIG website. The Dutch Consortium Digital University is a major government funded initiative involving ten institutions. The DU will create an educational content repository of learning objects that can be reused across difference instructional scenarios, courses and curicula. The project psoposes to use XML and EML to separate form and content and to allow learning objects to carry instructional information. The DU faces many challenges including the lack of EML authoring tools, the immaturity of specifications, IPR issues, quality assurance, learning to work together and creating incentives for partners to participate. Content Development Advisory Service and the Learning Objects Project Gerry Graham, LTScotland Slides avaialble from EC SIG website. Presentation of the activities of Learning and Teaching Scotland including the Content Development Advisory Service, the Learning Objects Project and recent Learning Objects Symposium. G. Graham highlighted LTScotlands links with other bodies e.g.CETIS, X4L Steering Group, BECTA/NLN, JISC Learning Materials Working Group; and also demonstrated some of the reusable granular content they are developing. Development of an EML authoring and content management environment conference Lorna M. Campbell Presentation of the EC SIGs submission to the forthcoming EML authoring conference. The draft submission can be downloaded from the EC SIG website. L. Campbell and S.Jeyes have developed a series of use cases that represent a hypothetical model of how the Exchange for Learning development bay might operate. AOB: Topics for Future Meetings Conformance To define the scope for a set of UK conformance tests and define UK FE/HE recommended practice. Needs to involve other bodies Cross-SIG? Vendors Event To test how interoperable commercial products are. Use one or more test suites of packages: Eddies test suite Get vendors to export packages and use them as a suite for other vendors to import Obtain commercial content e.g. NetG, Granada Learning, Pearsons, Gower Publishing, Smartforce. Information meeting for X4L projects at kickoff Cross-SIG EML Workshop (later) Would there be interest? Yes. Wait until Learning Design specification is published Action: L. Campbell to liase with C.Duncan, EC SIG members and other SIG coordinators to decide topic of next meeting. AOB: Future Commissions ALT e-Content conference L. Campbell to submit poster, Boon Low to attend event and represent SIG. EML ongoing, L Campbell and S.Jeyes to attend forthcoming EML conference and report back to group. Beginners Guide extensions and integration with other SIG guides? Conformance work - multi-spec integration? Learning Design marker for future work needed? Date of next meeting The date and venue of the next meeting will depend on topic chosen. S. Hardy has offered accommodation in Newcastle for either a regular meeting or a larger scale vendors event. Other possible venues include Edinburgh. Lorna M. Campbell EC SIG Coordinator  HYPERLINK "mailto:lmc@strath.ac.uk" lmc@strath.ac.uk 13th March 2002  K,7    !(jq^e̼̱xxvkk56B*\]ph>*!56B*OJQJ\]^Jph OJQJ^J5\<B*CJaJph>*B*OJQJ^Jph B*phB*OJQJ^Jph5B*H*OJQJ\^Jph5B*OJQJ\^Jph5B*CJOJQJ\^Jph5B*CJOJQJ\^Jph jU*X7a$$Ifl Q!  33064 la$IfX$$Ifl Q!064 la $$Ifa$5K+,67G $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$   ' (  $If$If $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ !jde%&no$If$If $$Ifa$]^-uv  = > $ & F$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$$If-5 > X l #%%& )_)+7+,,W,r,s,t,-2.4....////侭zujdbh hmH sH OJQJ^JmH sH mH sH 5OJQJ\^J <B*OJPJQJ^JaJphB*OJQJ^JphB*OJQJ^JaJph!B*OJQJ^JaJ0mHphsH'5B*OJQJ\^JaJ0mHphsH^J]^J OJQJ]OJQJ OJQJ^J5\56B*\]ph B*ph&> E X l ""#U###O$$$$Q%~%%%%$If $ & F$Ifa$ $$Ifa$  & F$If $ & F$Ifa$%%&&v&w&&&)'*'i'j'''(()) )})~))),,,r,s,t, $$Ifa$t,,,2.3.4...//////_0~0000001Z1 $ & F$Ifa$ $h$If^ha$ $ & F$Ifa$ $$Ifa$$If $$Ifa$////_0000111 2_2g222\4q4P5u5v55555555555555Ͱ͎͛ue5B*CJOJQJ\^Jph5B*OJQJ\^JphB*OJQJ^JphB*CJOJQJ^JphCJH*OJQJ^J0JCJOJQJ^Jj"CJOJQJU^JjCJOJQJU^JCJOJQJ^J!56B*OJQJ\]^Jph OJQJ^J5\ 5>*\>*OJQJ^J!Z111111 2(2^2_222222V333 $ & F!$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ $ & F$Ifa$ $$If^a$ $ & F $Ifa$ $$Ifa$ $h$If^ha$ $ & F$Ifa$3*4[4\4q4r4O5P5b5u555555~X$$Ifl Q!064 la $h$If^ha$$If $$Ifa$ $ & F!$Ifa$55$a$$&P 1. 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