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Campbell  TOC \o "1-3" \h \z  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642347" Introduction  PAGEREF _Toc8642347 \h 1  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642348" The Relevance of EML  PAGEREF _Toc8642348 \h 2  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642349" Integration with other specifications  PAGEREF _Toc8642349 \h 2  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642350" Architecture  PAGEREF _Toc8642350 \h 3  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642351" Technical Stream  PAGEREF _Toc8642351 \h 4  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642352" Business Stream  PAGEREF _Toc8642352 \h 5  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642353" The Way Forward  PAGEREF _Toc8642353 \h 6  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642354" The Valkenburg Declaration  PAGEREF _Toc8642354 \h 6  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642355" And finally  PAGEREF _Toc8642355 \h 6  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642356" Appendix A: Participating Organisations  PAGEREF _Toc8642356 \h 7  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc8642357" Appendix B: EC SIG Use case Class Diagram  PAGEREF _Toc8642357 \h 8  Introduction Developing an EML Authoring and Content Management Environment was an invited conference hosted by the Open University of the Netherlands in Valkenburg in March 2002. The aim of the three-day working conference was to: Agree a common EML content management and authoring framework. Outline a consortium business model, describing the involvement, rights and obligations of the participating organizations. Agree on a schedule for future developments. Participants were invited from a range of international research and development bodies, educational institutions and the private sector. For a full list of participating organisations and institutions see Appendix A. Each participating organisation was required to send two participants one focussed on authoring and one on strategic management and business issues. The EC SIG was represented by Dr Steve Jeyes and Lorna M. Campbell. Bill Olivier and Scott Wilson also attended as representatives of CETIS. All participants were requested to submit a UML use case outlining their content authoring and management requirements. The EC SIG submitted a use case outlining a hypothetical model of what the JISC Exchange for Learning (X4L) environment might look like. This use case can be downloaded from the EC SIG website at  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/educational-content/" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/educational-content/ the use case class diagram is attached for reference as Appendix B. A high level model was distilled from the participants use cases and acted as the basis for establishing a common framework. The conference was chaired by Rob Koper of the OUNL who opened proceedings by outlining the conference objectives, discussing the scope of the task and identifying relevant issues. An overview of EML was presented by Henry Hermans, also of the OUNL. All participants were given an opportunity to present their usecases and outline their requirements. The Relevance of EML As the conference proceeded, the relevance of EML to the development of real eLearning was highlighted. EML plays a pivotal role in describing the third layer where learning is described after the content and assets have been assembled and structured at the lower two layers. This means that roles, activities, communications and methods for deployment can all be described, integrated and implemented. These could include physical as well as virtual resources and activities.  Integration with other specifications Specifications relating to the production, packaging, delivery, sequencing and tracking of learning resources are progressing rapidly. Several key developments and their relation to EML were discussed. IMS Learning Design Rob Koper and Bill Olivier are both closely involved in the development of the IMS Learning Design draft specification. The specification is proceeding well and the base documents have been submitted to the IMS technical board. The Learning Design information model is derived directly from EML. For example, EMLs Unit of Study (UoS) becomes IMS LD Unit of Learning (UoL). The resources in the EML environment and IMS Content Packaging are being mapped so that Content Packaging will be integrated into the Learning Design specification. The role of QTI will also need to be examined and the specifications harmonised or integrated. So EML principles will be at the heart of IMS Learning Design. IMS Simple Sequencing IMS Simple Sequencing is a fast track development that will integrate with the SCORM specification and which will facilitate the delivery of sequenced content. The development of Simple Sequencing is proving less than simple and although difficulties remain it is hoped that the specification will be compatible with both IMS Learning Design and EML. ADL Shared Content Object reference Model (SCORM) Technically SCORM developments are fully compatible with EML. However, SCORM primarily facilitates single user learning scenarios and there was considerable discussion of the importance of the political relationship between SCORM and EML. The EML community is well aware of SCORM and understands its relevance but the reverse is less true and considerable work needs to be done to ensure that the SCORM community understands the relevance of EML. This is a critical area and European reticence in promoting EMLs capabilities must be overcome as the forthcoming version of the SCORM specification and its benefits are already being widely publicised and promoted. On the surface this discussion may appear to be fairly irrelevant but these issues are influencing decision-making on large eUniversity projects across Europe as well as in the US, where adoption of the well-marketed SCORM is being favourably considered in preference to the much richer EML model. This could potentially lead to the development of diverse pedagogies for eLearning being held back for some time. It was agreed that ensuring detailed and informed discussions with the SCORM community and incorporation of the relationship to SCORM in EML material was essential. This should enable the community to see EML as a superset which incorporates the single user SCORM model but enables the development of larger multiple role eLearning methods. It must be made clear that this is not an either / or decision but that the adoption and use of both approaches is compatible and advantageous. Architecture One of the primary activities of the conference was for delegates to agree on the basic architecture of a component based authoring and content management environment. The synthesis of the submitted use cases acted as the starting point for this task. Following lengthy discussions during day two the following basic architecture was agreed.  Once participants had reached agreement on the proposed architecture the conference split into two streams, one focussed on the technical implementation of the architecture and the other focussed on the development of a suitable business model. Technical Stream Several key points are worth emphasizing from the very wide ranging discussion: The architecture is layered and integrated with a set of tightly purposed tools structured to provide the overall functionality. Where existing tools could be successfully deployed (e.g. materials editing) they should be used and integrated. Concern was expressed that when educational models were stored as EML information may be lost. It was felt that there could be a role for a style sheet language ESL which would work with EML in an analogous way to XSL and XML. This was felt to be an advanced development but possible features could be analysed and structured from developments in the flexible Learning Design Editor. Discussing the precise nature of the Learning Design Editor took up much of the technical stream. This started with a fairly free and wide ranging discussion of basic divergent user needs in the community represented and after much analysis the following key points were agreed: The tool must allow a wide range of interfaces, from simple to complex, based on a common underlying architecture of storage and retrieval of EML models. This could be achieved by agreeing a common underlying framework plus well defined interfaces for plugins, such as those developed for Photoshop, 3D Studio Max etc. Exchanging of these plugins and their associated EML files would provide the community with the ability to share pedagogies and form the basis for the analysis language. A basic set of tools should be produced to ensure key functionality. Development should preferably be open source although this development could be facilitated by the agreement of a common language. Java is clearly the leading contender although others languages were discussed. In the light of the issues relating to SCORM outlined above it was agreed that it would be essential to develop a SCORM plugin to demonstrate that EML can support it in very practical ways and support colleagues in the development of material for SCORM projects. Business Stream All participants in the business stream agreed that it will be crucial to demonstrate the value added by EML. However as many institutions are in the initial stages of implementing eLearning on a wide scale they are as yet unaware of the problems they may face with commercial eLearning platforms. For example, many systems may cope adequately with delivering resources to individual learners but are less well suited to facilitating task based and constructivist learning scenarios and group working. It was agreed that it would be difficult to market EMLs added value of pedagogical flexibility to a sector that is not yet aware that there is a problem to be solved. A variety of target or niche markets were identified including government, military, professional training organisations, CPD, academia and the lifelong and community learning sector. Publishers are also seen as an important potential market, but one that could require some convincing of the relevance of EML. Martin Morey of Intrallect stressed the importance of crossing the chasm; expanding from niche markets to the wider business community. Raising awareness of EML and of the development of the architecture with other standards bodies was also identified as being of crucial importance. These include IMS, Prometeus, CEN/ISS, OKI, etc. In order to demonstrate the potential of EML and the proposed consortium architecture to potential stakeholders the development of a proof of concept end-to-end demonstration was discussed. The demonstration would need to illustrate each step in the process of developing, producing and delivering flexible eLearning resources and should encompass a variety of pedagogical scenarios. The demonstration should incorporate all components of the proposed architecture. In addition to this process demonstration it was also agreed that a repository of EML objects which users could add their own content to would be of great value, however this would require further work on the process of publishing EML scenarios and resources. The Sixth framework was identified as an important source of potential revenue to fund the development of the EML architecture and support the consortiums activities. It was agreed that the consortium would submit an expression of interest to the commission and work on developing a collaborative funding proposal. The Way Forward A timescale of 60-90 days was agreed for the development of the architecture. By this stage the interfaces of the system should be well defined and the relationship of the architecture to other developing standards clarified. The architecture will not be fully formed by this stage however it should provide a solid foundation for further development. (From the EML Content Authoring and Management Conference Report) In addition to continuing work on the basic architecture, participants were encouraged to develop projects that would feed into and support these developments. The JISC X4L projects may be able to offer valuable input at this level. It was agreed that the development consortium would be kept open to all interested parties. To conclude the conference all participants signed the Valkenburg declaration and agreed to plan a second meeting to coincide with the IMS meeting in Cambridge USA in May. The Valkenburg Declaration During the work conference from 20-22 March at Valkenburg, which was organised by the Open University of the Netherlands, the outlines of an EML authoring and content management system have been explored. The contributing experts of organisations mentioned below have reached a consensus on the requirements that can form a common starting point for further cooperation. The experts share the opinion that the present results will need a follow up by the organisations that they represent. The OUNL will take the lead in this by proposing the outlines of this cooperation framework at most three months after the conference. The decision makers of the organisations involved will be requested to react formally within four weeks on receipt of the proposal. In the meantime the communication between the signatory experts will be facilitated by a list server hosted by the OUNL. Anticipating this proposal the present experts will act as a contact persons within their organisations for the subject. They will also propagate the results of the conference in order to create a basis for the decision makers. Publication or use otherwise of the input or output of the conference by the participants, respectively their organisations, is allowed only by giving chapter and verse. And finally A concluding note from Steve.An excellent conference with very hospitable hosts where CETIS was very well regarded and had a key role in contributing to the success of the conference. Appendix A: Participating Organisations The following organisations were represented at the Valkenburg conference. R&D and Users University of Twente, Netherlands OUNL, Netherlands Pennstate University, USA University of South Africa University of Waterloo, Canada Open Learning Agency, Victoria, Canada Massey University, New Zealand University of Hull, UK Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, UK CETIS, UK CETIS EC SIG, UK Private Sector Perot Systems, Netherlands Intrallect Ltd, Edinburgh, UK Open VES ACRIBA, Austria CITO-groep, Netherlands Appendix B: EC SIG Use case Class Diagram  J23456789:TUV߽ߏ߽m&j>*B*UmHnHphujkUmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphujyUmHnHujUmHnHumHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphu mHnHu0JmHnHuj0JUmHnHuj5U\5\*J`a86+vDGHU  6 u  $ & Fa$$a$ h  h $a$=VW|}~012345678RSjAUmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphujOUmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphu mHnHuj]UmHnHujUmHnHumHnHu0JmHnHuj0JUmHnHu/STUdef~   %&'()ϵ߯ׯכύ߯ׯykjUmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphuj%UmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphu mHnHuj3UmHnHujUmHnHumHnHu0JmHnHuj0JUmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphu*)*+,-GHIJVWXpqrstuvwx$%&>ɽɯɽɽɍɽyɽ&jt >*B*UmHnHphujUmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphuj UmHnHujUmHnHumHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphu0JmHnHu mHnHuj0JUmHnHu,>?@ABCDEG] ^ !S0;>;f<u< = ==ÿ j; U>* jnU j U0Jjf U jU5\j5U\ mHnHuj0JUmHnHumHnHujUmHnHuj UmHnHu"  hi  !Smn{$a$$a${|4 &!"#Y$%%&&''''$^a$$ & Fa$$ & Fa$$a$'**C,D, - -//%1&1617122#4$44444999::::/;$a$/;0;>;`;r;;;;; <#<J<T<e<f<u<<<<<<<< = ==$a$,1h. 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