ࡱ> rtqk 5bjbj .\}}1lDXLcH2ZTGGGGGGG$I KHH< H< < < rG< G< 0< l'REG 4^t EG3H0cHFuLuLG< CEN/ISSS WSLT Working Meeting Paris, October 2002 By Lorna M. Campbell  TOC \o "1-3" \h \z  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331425" CEN/ISSS WSLT  PAGEREF _Toc21331425 \h 1  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331426" Business Plan  PAGEREF _Toc21331426 \h 1  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331427" Accessibility  PAGEREF _Toc21331427 \h 1  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331428" Call for new project teams  PAGEREF _Toc21331428 \h 1  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331429" Interoperability Specifications  PAGEREF _Toc21331429 \h 1  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331430" Learner Profile  PAGEREF _Toc21331430 \h 2  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331431" eLearning Technology Standards Observatory  PAGEREF _Toc21331431 \h 2  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331432" Knowledge Content Interoperability Framework  PAGEREF _Toc21331432 \h 2  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331433" Discussion  PAGEREF _Toc21331433 \h 3  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331434" LTSC, LOM  PAGEREF _Toc21331434 \h 4  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331435" Data Model Group  PAGEREF _Toc21331435 \h 4  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331436" 11404 Binding Group  PAGEREF _Toc21331436 \h 4  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331437" XML Binding Group  PAGEREF _Toc21331437 \h 4  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331438" RDF Binding Group  PAGEREF _Toc21331438 \h 5  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331439" LOM and ISO SC36  PAGEREF _Toc21331439 \h 5  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331440" ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 36  PAGEREF _Toc21331440 \h 5  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331441" EML Survey Project Team  PAGEREF _Toc21331441 \h 6  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331442" Quality Assurance  PAGEREF _Toc21331442 \h 7  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331443" Availability of alternative language versions of a learning resource in the IEEE LTSC LOM specification  PAGEREF _Toc21331443 \h 7  HYPERLINK \l "_Toc21331444" LOM Internationalisation  PAGEREF _Toc21331444 \h 7  [DREL: Digital Rights Expression Language. There will be a DREL meeting in Copenhagen in December.] Business Plan Accessibility Apologies from project team. The work needs to be defined more clearly so that the project can start. DG Enterprise declined to fund the first work item as it was not specifically about e-learning but a more general proposal. However funding is available for accessibility work in Finland. A new work item proposal now needs to be submitted. Call for new project teams Interoperability Specifications This project team will support the outputs of OASIS work, Open Architecture Support in Schools. Deadline for applications: end of October 2002. Learner Profile Work will serve as input to ISO SC 36 where there is a management group working on this issue. An interim report is expected in Feb 2003. Deliverables: 2 CWAs; one expressing learner competencies and one for??? eLearning Technology Standards Observatory Proposed criteria Technical expertise to support the development of a web based observatory Domain expertise in learning technology Unbiased reporting of all actors involved with emphasis on European activities. Quality of communication plan to ensure that outputs are disseminated widely. (There are also proposals for a quality observatory, which must liase with the standards observatory.) A design document outlining target audiences, the scope and navigation structure of the observatory and a time line should be produced prior to the work commencing. This document should be made available prior to the Copenhagen meeting. Proposals should be submitted by the 10th November. Consortium applications will be accepted. Observatory should include: Information on interrelationships between formal standardisation bodies, specifications development consortia and profiling bodies. (Eric) Relevant events activities and organisations. (Eric) A proper classification of relevant learning technology standards would also be useful. (Luis) The observatory itself should also be interoperable and reusable. (Emanuela) The budget is 60,000 Euro. The repository should be maintained and updated for two years after the end of the funding. Knowledge Content Interoperability Framework - Fabrizio Grosso, GIUNTI Knowledge On Demand (KOD) project work in progress. Partners: Centre for Research and Technology, FD Learning, GIUNTI Labs, Centre of Advanced Technology in Image Analysis PROFit Gestion Ionformatica. The aim of the project is to contribute to the thematic area of the development of open platforms and tools for personalised learning through the design, development and validation of a dynamic and adaptive learning environment that enables the individual learner to acquire knowledge. [The focus of this work appears to be on personalisation - LMC] Starting point: IMS content packaging SCORM 1.2 runtime environment Extensions: Set of simple conditionals for CMI data Learner profile Item visit data Are used to modify Learning objects in terms of Visibility, enablement and sequencing Learner profile data SCORM is used for summary scores New KOD models are composed of Learner info Delivery system information (visibility, sequencing, etc) System service information Project website  HYPERLINK "http://www.kodweb.org/" http://www.kodweb.org/ Discussion Rolf - Need to synchronise with CMI developments and IMS LD. ?? - Generalise it more then IMS and push this forward in CEN/ISSS. Adam We recognise the overlap but this takes a slightly different approach to LD and SS. Eric - Before pursuing this we need to establish how it is different from existing work and why it is necessary to move this forward. ?? This work is a starting point that could be adopted by CEN/ISSS. Eric So this work is provided for information at present, a work item may result further down the line. Fabrizio There is considerable interest in Europe in platforms that allow personalisation. Rolf Its important that everyone coordinates to articulate European requirements and feed them into the standardisation process. We all need to collaborate. Mike - How far are the specification being used outside the project and is this work being input to IMS. Fabrizio The work is not currently being used outside the research implementation. GIUNTI could sell a KOD product but there are no plans for this at present. Adam Some elements of the project may have a longer lifetime that others e.g. the learner profiling part could fit into the LD spec. LTSC, LOM - Eric Duval There are 4 LOM project groups within the LTSC: P1484.Data model 11404 binding (standards for language independent data types) XML binding RDF binding Data Model Group Standard approved on June 12th by IEEE. The official standard document can now be bought from IEEE so the earlier drafts will disappear form the website shortly. Copyright remains unclear. It is possible that if you use or change LOM as IMS and SCORM do then you are violating copyright. This issue is being discussed and will be clarified. A document has been produced outlining changes from draft 6.1 to final 1.0. Although the LOM is finalised a revision cycle has now started. Revisions will be infrequent. The LOM is now a stable document; it is no longer a moving target. 11404 Binding Group A document has been produced by Frank Farance. Increased participation is sought to verify this document. The draft will go into balloting stage. XML Binding Group Schemas will be developed so a DTD can be generated off the schemas. A number of schemas have been proposed, including the IMS one. One possibility is to develop separate modular schemas for each of the LOM categories along with an over arching schema. There is an issue over whether validation against a schema will suffice or is additional conformance required. Namespaces have also been discussed; will there be one for each LOM category or just one for the whole LOM? A binding for vocabularies is out of scope for the LOM. The LOM vocabularies will be in the LOM schema itself. RDF Binding Group Closer communication is required between the LOM working group and the RDF binding group. Common examples will be provided for all the different bindings. LOM and ISO SC36 - Rolf Linder There is a fear that the LOM may be voted down if it is fast tracked through SC36. An alternative would be to go through normal procedures but there is then the possibility that ISO may change the LOM in the process. If submission of the LOM to ISO will result in major changes, then the LOM working group are not interested in this process. Vendors want a stable model and are less concerned about whether or not it is s formal international standard. There is now a motion in favour of international adoption of the LOM. This means that the working group will entertain editorial changes and the addition of statements of exclusion but will not entertain changes to the data model. The working group believes that the document needs to be frozen for a while with minor revisions taking place every couple of years. [Adam Cooper is starting a work item in IMS to examine different models for vocabulary bindings. These include Claude Ostyns binding, Luis Rifons binding from the Taxonomies and Vocabularies CWA and a binding developed by the KOD project.] ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 36 SC 36 is growing, several new members nations have joined. There is now a category A liaison with NATO and a category C liaison with DCMI. There are external liaisons with W3C and various other ISO committees. There is ongoing work to update the CMI and move on from the AICC model. The group will looks at IMS LD when the public draft is released. A new working group is being established to look at quality assurance. The old glossary working group has been closed. A registration authority has been nominated to harmonise terminology and ensure multilinguality. There is a preparation for a new project on MD for learning resources, (previously learning objects the change of terminology is an attempt to harmonise with EML). This work depends whether of not LTSC decides to continue cooperating with SC 36. There is a clear feeling the we should avoid changing LOM and should avoid attempting to fast track it through SC 36. EML Survey Project Team Related EML initiatives IMS LD & OUNL EML to release a first draft in November. EduZope project. Possible actions for project team Observatory of evolving EMLs. Feasibility of focusing on the development of a CEN/ISSS LT EML development. Collaboration with open initiatives to provide a cycle of test and improvement. [There was some difference of opinion over whether the EML Survey document can be finalised and whether there is agreement within the workshop and even within the project team.] Mike We all agree on the content of the document but it is not yet a CWA. Rob This document does not need to be a CWA it is simply a survey and fact finding. Niklaus It is not a requirement of the regulations that the project team produce a CWA, they simply have to produce a document. Luc If the document is released as a document a disclaimer is added that this is not approved by all the members of the workshop. [Eric If the CEN workshop decides that a circle is square, then it is square. (??!)] Rob - the first phase of the project plan produced an inventory of EMLs, the second phase conducted a comparison of the surveyed EMLs. In addition future actions were to be identified regarding the extension of this work to form a CWA. Eric I propose that the document is accepted and the first two phases of the project concluded. Luc will add a disclaimer that this is not a CWA, the document has not been approved by the entire workshop but neither have the workshop been asked to formally approve it. The learning technology workshop doesnt set standards, CEN does but the CEN/ISSS LTWS doesnt. Mike Suggests an agenda item to consider the public draft of IMS LD at the next meeting. Eric requests that the workshop is notified when the IMS LD spec is made public. ?? - CEN/ISSS could focus on the content model issue, as this is the part the IMS has rejected from EML. Quality Assurance - Jan Pawlowski Availability of alternative language versions of a learning resource in the IEEE LTSC LOM specification - Cleo Sgouropoulou Both the above documents have been approved and are available from the CEN/ISSS WSLT website. LOM Internationalisation - Emanuela Ovcin The final version of the report was submitted in July and is now awaiting submission to the secretariat. Recommendations Characterstring data type Langstring data type Date and Type localisation Vocabularies Technical.Installation remarks Canonical identifiers for metadata and vocabularies HI]^_`{|}~'()÷é÷÷Ç÷s÷&j>*B*UmHnHphujqUmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphuj{UmHnHujUmHnHumHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphu mHnHu0JmHnHuj0JUmHnHu jU-2GHHS+ve Z  X Y [  h  h  h $a$$a$5)BCDEFGHIJefgh !ïÍjSUmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphuj]UmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphu0JmHnHu mHnHuj0JUmHnHujUmHnHujgUmHnHumHnHu+!"#234MNOPQRSTUpqrs   %&'()ϵ߯ׯכύ߯ׯykj5UmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphuj?UmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphu mHnHujIUmHnHujUmHnHumHnHu0JmHnHuj0JUmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphu*)*+,-HIJKUVWpqrstuvwx ɽɯɽɽɍɽyɽ&j >*B*UmHnHphuj! UmHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphuj+UmHnHujUmHnHumHnHu&j>*B*UmHnHphu0JmHnHu mHnHuj0JUmHnHu,   ./01DEF_`abcdefgïޡÍj UmHnHu&j >*B*UmHnHphuj UmHnHu&j >*B*UmHnHphu0JmHnHu mHnHuj0JUmHnHumHnHujUmHnHuj UmHnHu*      & ' ( ) 9 : ; T U V W X Y Z [ \ w x y z ϵ߯ׯכύ߯ׯykjUmHnHu&jj>*B*UmHnHphuj UmHnHu&jt >*B*UmHnHphu mHnHuj UmHnHujUmHnHumHnHu0JmHnHuj0JUmHnHu&j~ >*B*UmHnHphu*         # $ % & 7 8 9 R S T U V W X Y Z u v w x ɽɯɽɽɍɽyɽ&jL>*B*UmHnHphujUmHnHu&jV>*B*UmHnHphujUmHnHujUmHnHumHnHu&j`>*B*UmHnHphu0JmHnHu mHnHuj0JUmHnHu,      8 9 : S T U V W X Y Z 23WXYop5ïޡ˜0Jj8UH* jUjUmHnHu&jB>*B*UmHnHphu0JmHnHu mHnHuj0JUmHnHumHnHujUmHnHujUmHnHu#[ \ 8 9 U u ,v=>$ & Fa$$a$5)DEyz45uv $0^`0a$$ & Fa$$ & Fa$$a$$Bh}~!"qr}~$ & Fa$$ & Fa$$ & Fa$$ & Fa$$a$$ & F a$de23  78BPQ$ & Fa$$a$D E Y !M#N#`###$$$!$"$Y'Z'M(N(b(c(7)8)$a$$ & Fa$8))) * ***,,),*,B,},,,,,-l-m-. .m.n...G/H/$ & F a$$ & F a$$a$H///$0%011$2%22222738333333.4C4D44444485$a$8595I5c5x5555555$ & F a$$a$ ,1h. 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Campbell<C:\Interoperability\CEN_ISSS\notes & minutes\paris011002.docLorna M. Campbell<C:\Interoperability\CEN_ISSS\notes & minutes\paris011002.docLorna M. Campbell<C:\Interoperability\CEN_ISSS\notes & minutes\paris011002.docLorna M. Campbell<C:\Interoperability\CEN_ISSS\notes & minutes\paris011002.docLorna M. Campbell<C:\Interoperability\CEN_ISSS\notes & minutes\paris011002.docLorna M. Campbell<C:\Interoperability\CEN_ISSS\notes & minutes\paris011002.docLorna M. Campbell<C:\Interoperability\CEN_ISSS\notes & minutes\paris011002.docLorna M. CampbelldC:\Documents and Settings\Lorna\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\AutoRecovery save of paris011002.asdLorna M. 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