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These objects contain short interactive instructional material, tests and interactions for delivery in classrooms or learning centres. Staff as well as using objects to deliver complex concepts in the classroom using whiteboards will also be able to employ them in learning centres for consolidation and revision purposes. The focus has definitely moved away from СeLearning = Distance LearningТ. Round 3 material, just commissioned, will add significantly more resources across a wider curriculum range. Being standards compliant, these objects will provide, for the sector, a pool of usable content for evolving sector wide repositories. X4L/ SWANI Interoperable content is being СharvestedТ from existing material and СchunkedТ. As indicated in earlier reports tools are being developed for free use by the sector to enable the creation and execution of test questions, the storage of materials in repositories and the assembly of interoperable content into online learning experiences. A recent JISC/ CETIS event attended by representatives from all X4L projects demonstrated how far many Fe Colleges have developed their expertise in the principles underpinning the construction of standards compliant content. These centres will provide a further voice from FE in the evolution of standards. The FE Focus Group, through its members as well as disseminating standards developments can soon be making greater contributions to standards development. Parallel applications of interoperability through the SWANI MIS/ Enterprise projects further demonstrate the confidence of the sector in becoming engaged in making standards work. Interoperability Facilitates Learning. Recent participation in an online conference organised by FERL re-enforced the view that interoperable learning materials and tools can empower the teacher to enhance teaching. ItТs a sign of the maturity of the elearning world that the focus is back on the professional teacher to make the most effective use of all the tools and materials (some electronic) at their disposal. The new Pedagogy SIG from CETIS will be an exciting forum to discuss these concepts. As good and reusable topic based content becomes available itТs going to be the innovative use of that content that will be the challenge to meet many of the widening participation and inclusive learning demands that are being placed on the sector. College OnLine Significant funding has been allocated to the FE/ Adult and Continuing Learning sectors to build on the successes and lessons of СCurriculum OnlineТ in the schools. This is currently producing a delivery system for approved content within a standards based environment. Although much of the material is course based there is a recognition that an object philosophy needs to be developed within the existing infrastructure. The challenge facing the decision-makers is to ensure that any investment complements existing developments (including UFI) in the sectors. Suggestions as to using some of the money to enable repositories being developed with slightly different implementations (application profiles) to be Сjoined upТ are welcome. The teacher doesnТt want to get to grips with a range of slightly different metadata specifications when trying to search for the best object to support the delivery of a required topic. A recent brainstorming meeting organised by LSDA recognised that the student was at the centre of a triangle of staff, infrastructure and content and that the focus should be on the first two of these: the topic based learning object culture would concentrate commercial content publishers to focus on subject based interactions. (How many more objects to demonstrate СPythagorasТ do we need.... letТs try and make what we have interoperable and accessible). The inclusion of Adult and Continuing Learning is crucial. In addition to the traditional perceptions of line dancing and yoga they make a significant contribution to the delivery of community bases basic skills courses for adults. Complementing this, Becta through the work of Fred Garnet is focussing very much on tapping the best of learning technology for Сinformal learningТ. BSI 8426: A proposed СCode of Practice for support in electronic learning systemsТ. This, if approved, will give content publishers who design their materials in a form that facilitates adaptive learning to obtain a kite mark. Interoperability underpins the Code of Practice. Content meeting the Code will contain facilities that enable the user at logical points to branch off to both online and offline support systems such as alternative online material or email. This move re-enforces the current paradigm that good content needs to sit within a sound pedagogic model. (Complementing developments in Learning Design Standards). The use of standards is down to we customers. Hopefully our agencies will support its promotion when approved by BSI. Interactive Content Object Exchange (ICONEX) This Hull University project, which Steve is heavily involved with, has obtained additional funding to embed the standards compliant interactive objects that have been developed into the FE and HE sectors. This funding will be primarily employed around ensuring that the metadata and repository handling is consistent with other developments (X4L Jorum Project) including those influenced by accessibility issues. CETIS Announcements concerning CETIS becoming a service were a bit premature. Latest briefings suggest that the timeframe before the end of the month is insufficient to sort out the detail. Latest is that we will carry on as we are for a further year... but watch this space. There are several new Special Interest Groups (SIGS). I suspect that colleagues from FE will rely more on our group to keep them up to date. We are planning two events one in Scotland and one in England to summarise the outcomes from all these other SIGs. Dates of all SIG meetings are available on  HYPERLINK http://www.cetis.ac.uk www.cetis.ac.uk Contributions Welcome If any of our partners have some news concerning the application of standards within our sector then they are more than welcome to contribute to these reports. A change of style could be refreshing! 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