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There was also some useful discussion on the future development of the SIG. The next meeting will be on 29th April at the University of Southampton - all welcome! The specification itself should have received approval for its 1.2.1 incarnation at Vancouver, 20/21 February. Steve confirmed that 1.3 will not be forthcoming for some time, which raises the issue of dealing with incomplete or missing topics in the implementations that are already underway. We therefore have a proposal in development to produce a detailed analysis of the IMS specification with a hierarchy of priorities for action. This will be placed on the website, together with known workarounds identified and suggestions as to common practice. Part of this will include the gathering of case studies and implementation examples for dissemination through the site, an activity which is already underway to some extent. The website itself is under development. We hope to apply to CETIS for a development server to host tools developed by members - at the moment these are on various university servers and at least one member is concerned that his university is likely to withdraw this in the near future. We have a test MS Server 2000 server running to test migration and assess requirements, and will use the information from this to develop a formal proposal. Sarah and Lisa were kind enough to give me feedback on a survey I have been developing on the relevance of interoperability in the CAA ‘field’; we are hoping that this will be circulated as part of a more general CAA survey being developed at Strathclyde in order both to gain a broader picture than one reflecting only the views of SIG members and - hopefully! - to raise the issue of interoperability with those who may not have considered it in the past. Membership of the SIG is already growing, which suggests that interoperability is becoming more of an issue with developers.  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