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Tores visit TH had been in the UK for the previous week, and had attended the CETIS EC SIG meeting on the 25th, and met with the JISC (Programme Manager Rachel Bruce), Prof. Tom Boyle and others interested in interoperability standards. He was also planning a meeting with Lorna Campbell and Niall Sclater the following day (the 28th) in Glasgow. 2. Presentation on Norwegian eStandard Project (A Norwegian CETIS) TH opened the meeting with a small presentation on the Norwegian eStandard Project ( HYPERLINK "http://www.estandard.no" http://www.estandard.no) which he is managing. For slides see:  HYPERLINK "http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030305134456" http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030305134456 2.1 Project background This new project began in Jan. 2003. It is part of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Researchs initiative to establish a National Learning Network and a national web portal for education. They are still in the process of finding out exactly what the project will do. The project aims are in general similar to CETIS (with a focus on the NLN and portal projects): to build a network of professionals and communities of practice; to act as a two-way communications vehicle between Norwegian education and international standards initiatives with particular emphasis on Norways pedagogical and cultural values; and to contribute to the development of software which will optimise learning, economic considerations and access. The scope of the projects mentioned are mainly HE, but the NLN will cover the whole range. GG asked if they were going to deal with schools from the repository viewpoint. TH responded that they are trying to push it out across all sectors, but that it is inevitably political and they have to start with where the funding is and hopefully go from there. 2.2 State of play in Norway In Norway interoperability standards is not yet a recognised problem within education. There are only two national LMS vendors who share the Norwegian market. They both say they are standards compliant, but most likely this is questionable. Vendors like BlackBoard and WebCT are not used in Norway as they do not work with the Scandinavian pedagogical model. The vendors are Fronter ( HYPERLINK "http://fronter.info/index.phtml?set_lang=en" http://fronter.info/index.phtml?set_lang=en) and IT Solutions ( HYPERLINK "http://itsolutions.no" http://itsolutions.no) which is more aligned with Microsoft. Fronter is a recent startup which has most of the Norwegian market, and part of the Swedish, with activities in the Netherlands and China: it allows collaborative authoring, portfolio evaluation and is based on open source software (Apache, PHP, MySQL). One key issue for the eStandards project is participation. Until now all participation in international standards bodies has been through Norways national standards body, working with ISO and CEN/ISSS for instance. They havent yet been involved much with IMS. 2.3 Aims and activities of project Theyve begun with a website, which includes CETIS newsfeed in a prominent position ( HYPERLINK "http://www.estandard.no/" http://www.estandard.no/). Other proposed activities include: establishing a network of experts via meetings, seminars etc.; surveying other nations activities in the field; participation in the international standards bodies; dissemination at national conferences; advisory work and surveys in special areas of interest; R&D projects. There are three focal projects: Web Portal: The Norwegian Ministry has ordered a portal. They have been attempting to specify what they want (courses, resources) but in terms of delivery, the how has not yet been worked out. Only idea so far is the use of traditional search agents. However, the portal will have to comply with standards. A call has been put out for institutions to put their own course descriptions into the portal. However, a recent project ( HYPERLINK "http://www.universitet.no/n.nsf/alt/54CDHM" http://www.universitet.no/n.nsf/alt/54CDHM) had asked for the same thing so they were finding some skepticism and reluctance amongst institutions to start all over again to provide the same data. HE and employers groups put this together as a portal to create a marketplace for FE. It used web mining technology and developed a sophisticated system to create portal/catalogue, but they couldnt create services on top of that. The new portal will also have to hook into regular applications like management systems. It is intended at present to include a catalogue of learning resources and courses/programmes. It is also intended to operate with a single sign-on. A multimedia repository has been launched lately by the Norwegian Board of Education ( HYPERLINK "http://mmb.ls.no" http://mmb.ls.no). It has a mediacentric approach to learning and shows according to TH that the Norwegians have some ground yet to cover. Course Description Metadata: In support of this, they are looking at specifying course description metadata to describe courses and programmes. These can include anything from a private institutions course on hairdressing through to an HE engineering course. It must be able to describe courses, modules etc., so that students can find all the information they need to choose courses. They wish to ensure this metadata specification is not just Norway-specific. This area is related to competencies and material supporting courses. Relationship to LOM important in order to match courses to materials. This part of the project, involving a specification and application demonstrator was starting in one month with ca 40,000. The University of Oslo is managing it; they host a major student management system. Interoperability will be an issue. Various course/programme portals in the UK were mentioned: British Council, UCAS ( HYPERLINK "http://www.ucas.ac.uk/ucc/" http://www.ucas.ac.uk/ucc/), LearnDirect Scotland for instance, but no work done yet on metadata spec here. GG mentioned that the issue was discussed in Vancouver in February. Web site for the Course Description Metada Project is  HYPERLINK "http://www.estandard.no/katalogprosjektet/" http://www.estandard.no/katalogprosjektet/. (Most of the material in Norwegian, but some links to resources in English briefs in English will be written on request). EC SIG: They plan to form an Educational Content SIG. They are having a network meeting on June 13th in Bergen (possibility of UK people, e.g. CETIS, coming along?). 3. RDF/Semantic Web approach? TH mentioned that in Europe in particular there is a parallel movement toward Semantic Web and RDF, rather than the IMS approach to interoperability. Mentioned Edutella project ( HYPERLINK "http://edutella.jxta.org/" http://edutella.jxta.org/) which is not on the IMS/LOM road; the project however felt they could work with it. CD mentioned that RDF still seems to be in the realm of interesting research projects. TH mentioned a Swedish educational radio station which is soon to release and RDF based catalogue of learning materials. SC mentioned European project with Strathclyde University as a partner: DIOGENE, which is looking at fuzzy learner modelling, Semantic Web, and ontologies as well as learning objects. ( HYPERLINK "http://www.diogene.org/" http://www.diogene.org/). Researchers on DIOGENE are members of CETIS EC SIG. 4. Assessment / QTI issues After RC asked about the Norwegian projects interest specifically in assessment, the meeting concluded with CD and GG demonstrating interactive assessments, and a discussion of IMS QTI and the pros and cons thereof. TH had stated that the kind of assessments covered by QTI are not particularly of interest in Scandinavia, so CD & GG thought theyd show some of what can already be done! CDstuEFG^_/01DEFGW? @ e f g ~  jUjFUH* 56\]jsUjUjUjUjU0JjU jU>*5\Bw`FGW4 5 L ' ( $h^ha$$a$% 2 3 4 K )*cde3%/<="#$45QRz{|cdG N !!!! 56\]H*j Uj3 Ujx UjW U>*j~ UjUjU6] jU0JF3%G !X$Y$t$%%$ & Fa$$a$!!!""##$$ $ $!$Y$t$%% 56\]jU0J jUj5U 1h. A!"#$%DyK Tore.Hoel@adm.hio.noyK 8mailto:Tore.Hoel@adm.hio.noDyK sarah.currier@strath.ac.ukyK Dmailto:sarah.currier@strath.ac.ukDyK G.Graham@LTSCOTLAND.COMyK >mailto:G.Graham@LTSCOTLAND.COMDyK C.Duncan@intrallect.comyK >mailto:C.Duncan@intrallect.comDyK rowin.cross@strath.ac.ukyK @mailto:rowin.cross@strath.ac.ukDyK philb@icbl.hw.ac.ukyK 6mailto:philb@icbl.hw.ac.ukDyK http://www.estandard.noyK 2http://www.estandard.no/mDyK >http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030305134456yK |http://www.cetis.ac.uk/groups/20010809144711/FR20030305134456%DyK ,http://fronter.info/index.phtml?set_lang=enyK Xhttp://fronter.info/index.phtml?set_lang=enDyK http://itsolutions.noyK .http://itsolutions.no/DyK http://www.estandard.no/yK 2http://www.estandard.no/!DyK +http://www.universitet.no/n.nsf/alt/54CDHMyK Vhttp://www.universitet.no/n.nsf/alt/54CDHMDyK http://mmb.ls.noyK $http://mmb.ls.no/DyK http://www.ucas.ac.uk/ucc/yK 6http://www.ucas.ac.uk/ucc/!DyK +http://www.estandard.no/katalogprosjektet/yK Vhttp://www.estandard.no/katalogprosjektet/DyK http://edutella.jxta.org/yK 4http://edutella.jxta.org/DyK http://www.diogene.org/yK 0http://www.diogene.org/ i@@@NormalCJ_HaJmHnHsH tH u<A@< Default Paragraph Font,B@, Body Text5\.U@. 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